Direct bookings can be a serious source of income for your vacation rental business.
As the travel industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, customers are always looking for the easiest way to book online.
However, a customer will only move from browsing a property, to completing a booking, when they feel comfortable.
To create the perfect booking environment for your customer, use these tips to drive your direct bookings.

1. The Best Guest Experience 

Start to create closer relationships with your customers. 

This should already be one of the cornerstones of your vacation rental business. But you can always do more.

Personal communications with your customers can promote great long-term relationships. These can all lead to “repeat bookings”. 

According to Hubspot’s guide on customer loyalty, 67% of existing customers spend more than new customers. 

Here are some ways in which you can help to kick-start your direct bookings and build customer loyalty.

Anniversaries, Birthdays And Weddings

Send previous customers a congratulatory email on their special day. They will remember this and will be quick to book with you next time.

Annual Events And Attractions

Is your area known for a special annual event? Are there local attractions in the area? Make sure you let previous and potential guests know.

Build Your Brand

Promote your brand as often as you can. Start using social media and interact with your customers. Update your website content.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Build your email list. Contact them to showcase your offers and receive more direct bookings.


A consumer survey from BrightLocal found that customers read, on average, seven reviews before trusting a business. So, make sure you keep your guests happy.

2. Use Direct Booking Software That Works

According to BusinessWire, the global vacation rental market is expected to grow 6.89% in the next few years. Consequently,direct booking software is becoming more of a necessity for property managers.

Using a direct booking tool is an important step that your business can take. It helps you stay competitive in the market and can help generate more direct bookings.

Vacation property managers can take advantage of the new direct booking feature from Your.Rentals. 

It allows you to receive bookings directly from the guest. There is no need for a sales channel or OTA, which means you pay no sales channel commission.

Competitive Features For Direct Bookings

Know Your Competition

At Your.Rentals, you also have the added feature of market analysis. By using the Insights page, you can learn more about your competition. It can give you a detailed comparison to similar properties in your area.

To take it to another level, the Opportunities page in Insights can also guide you on how to improve your listings and increase your booking conversion.

Rewards and Promotions

All customers like to be rewarded and love promotions. 

When you use direct bookings at Your.Rentals you can tailor your booking offers. You can set your custom offers and use personalised pricing to close more bookings.

direct booking

3. Direct Booking – The Personal Connection

Customers like the personal connection. By giving them the option to book direct, you are already one step nearer to closing your next booking.

Work your way through the list below and discover how using a direct booking system like Your.Rentals can attract more customers to book with you.

  • Communicate directly, one-to-one via a user-friendly messaging system.
  • No sales channel commission, so you can always give your customers better prices.
  • Guests can book securely with flexible payment options.
  • Generate repeat customers by giving personalised offers to previous guests.

Wrapping Up

As a vacation rental property manager, you need to stay ahead of the game.

  • Remember to always maintain excellent customer relationships.
  • Use optimised direct booking software that is easy, safe and secure for both you and your guests.
  • Give your customers the option of direct bookings.

Start incorporating these tips into your vacation rental business and start enjoying more bookings. Find out here, how direct bookings can help you!