In your vacation rental business, you are always trying to find out how you can get more bookings.  Bookings are the life-blood for your survival and long-term existence in the industry.

As the tourism sector is set to be even busier in 2020, the number of vacation rental travellers is expected to reach 843.4m by 2023. (Statista)

The chances to convert bookings will be even higher. But this also means there will be more competition to close those bookings.

By doing the same thing over and over again, your business will generate the same results. So, finding new ways on how to get more bookings needs to be high on your priority list.

To give you a head start, we have compiled ten tips to show you how to get bookings and start boosting your income.

Tip 1 – An Active Social Media Presence

An active social media presence is a necessity in our modern technological society. If you haven’t already, create a Facebook page for your business.

People like to help each other with holiday recommendations and share their vacation experiences on FB. A positive review can drive traffic to your Facebook business page and generate more bookings.

Try to visit your account regularly to reply to comments and enquiries promptly and post exciting news to engage potential guests.

Tip 2 – Become A Master Of Competitive Pricing

If you are new to the industry, start with a price that your competitors cannot match so you can attract guests.

In the early days, securing bookings to gain reviews is a necessary foundation. Once you’ve gained a foothold and built up a good reputation as an accommodation provider, you can start to increase your rates in line with your competition.

Track your competitors and adjust your pricing accordingly. Setting seasonal pricing can attract more bookings and is well worth considering. Once you are up to speed with this, you can then start analysing competitor occupancy to gain further insights.

Tip 3 – Connect To All Major Sales Channels

You can get more bookings by listing your properties on all major sales channels.

For example, by using a Your.Rentals account you can connect to dozens of vacation rental websites. Helping you get more bookings and Airbnb bookings.

You also have the option to connect to niche and local websites, opening you up to even more booking opportunities.

Tip 4 – Encourage Reviews

You can get ranked higher in sales channels if you have more reviews. Create fantastic personal experiences for your guests. Everybody remembers when somebody goes the extra mile. 

Always remember to respond to all negative reviews as well.

Tip 5 – Optimise Your Listings

You can get more bookings by optimising your listings, as they have an internal metric that monitors how many people “click-through”. 

So, make sure people want to click your listing by always using high-quality photos.

Place important information at the top of the property descriptions. Use enticing titles that pique interest.

Tip 6 – Personal Profile And Verification

Always fill in your profile as much as you can. Not only does it make your listings look complete, but it can also create trust for a guest to book.

You can also get more Airbnb bookings by making sure that you complete the verification processes. Guests need to feel comfortable.

Tip 7 – Push Your Unique Selling Points

Whatever your unique selling points are, now is the time to push them.

For example, if you are pet-friendly, this is a great selling point. More travellers like to take their pets on vacation with them. This option could help you close more bookings.

Also, according to Statista, 64% of renters say a good kitchen is the main reason they will complete a booking. If you have a kitchen that is spanking new, now it’s time to promote it.

Tip 8 – Respond Quickly To Guests

In our fast-paced world, guests are looking for quick transactions with no problems. So, whenever you receive a message, be sure to respond as quickly as you can.

Your quick response can indicate they will have no problems on their vacation.

Tip 9 – Setting Goals 

Write down goals for your business. You need to be clear on how many bookings you need for your business in 2020 and the following years. 

Check previous years data and set realistic goals. This will push you to convert more bookings.

Tip 10 – Target Market

Check your target market. The millennial generation is breaking all known trends. They travel far more than their parents and grandparents ever did. 

So make sure that you are targeting the right people for your properties.


As the travel industry continues to grow, you will have more opportunities to convert more bookings. Use these tips to develop your action plan and get started as soon as you can.

If you would like a free assessment of your current listings or would like to start listing your properties with Your.Rentals, sign up below or contact us here.