Working in a vacation rental business requires a lot of time, perseverance, planning, and above all, organization. If you are a short term rental professional, you know what we mean. For your holiday rentals to receive bookings, you must pay extreme attention to all the actions you carry out, from communicating with your guests, promoting your vacation rentals, managing reservations, organising housekeeping, etc.

And as a human, mistakes can be made, such as receiving double bookings. The goal of Your.Rentals channel manager is to improve your performance and make all those possible errors that can surprise you when you receive a booking disappear completely.

What does this mean? With Your.Rentals you can save more time, get more bookings, have happier guests and also increase your profits.

At Your.Rentals we always think about how to make the work easy for all property managers and owners in a smooth, understandable and affordable way. As we say, let’s make renting simple!

With Your.Rentals you have access to our Channel Manager, where you can upload your listings on more than 20 platforms-and counting! Additionally, from the same account, you can also manage communication with guests, handle payments, see the metrics of your listings, compare yourself with the competitors in your market and use many other functionalities to improve your vacation rental business. But that’s not all! Keep reading and find out all the benefits of using Your.Rentals!

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What makes us different from other Property Management Software companies?

We are the first performance-based software in the short term rental industry market. This means that we boost your holiday rental business and you only pay for the results. That is, if you receive a booking, you pay a small commission, and for that price, you have all the software features included.

Furthermore, our philosophy is customer-centric. We have a committed and dedicated customer service team, our clients are satisfied, and that is reflected in their opinions. We already help thousands of Property Managers and owners across multiple countries and regions. With our multilingual service and our numerous features – and those to come – we contribute to our client’s rental businesses and help them grow.

Your.Rentals channel manager for vacation rentals

13 reasons why you should use Your.Rentals channel manager to manage your Short-term rental business


   1. Simple pricing and easy to understand!

No subscription fees, no monthly or annual charges, no sign-up fees. Simple, like Your.Rentals. You only pay a small commission for each booking you receive. We have an affordable and comfortable payment structure. We understand that not all short term rental companies are the same, that is why we adapt to the size of your business. If you manage more than 5 properties we offer a personalized price to best suit your needs. If you otherwise manage between 1 and 4 properties, the standard rate is a 5% service fee per reservation, allowing you to use all our functionalities.


It is important to note that sales channels such as Airbnb, Vrbo, Expedia or charge a fee for every booking you receive. We also take care of collecting that payment and transferring it to the sales channels. At Your.Rentals we also promote the option of receiving direct bookings and eliminating the commissions from vacation rental websites.


  2. More possibilities to increase your revenue through Direct Bookings.

Speaking of Direct Bookings, Your.Rentals has various features to enable you to receive reservations directly from guests. To increase your income, we help you boost your direct bookings, through a booking widget that you can install on your own rental website. You can share the link to this widget on social media or other sites to get more direct bookings. Guests can make bookings, and perhaps more importantly, secure online payments through Your.Rentals. You can also create personalised booking offers, meaning you can provide custom deals for individual bookings.

This option allows you to compete with larger sales channels like Airbnb or since you do not need to pay the service fee that these rental sites usually charge owners or property managers. ¡Earn more for each booking!


  3. Always there to help: Dedicated Customer support.

Our Software stands out for our customer service, among other benefits. Our clients are very satisfied, which is reflected in the opinions of our Capterra or Trustpilot profile. This is what some of our clients think:


“Great System and very useful and professional service”

Ruthelzon I.


“Effective channel manager. I’m really satisfied with the app and I will continue using it for advertising my property. ”

Anna S.


 “As titled, good service, very present in the market with good ad care”

Massimo I.



  4. Channel Manager: Full control of all your listings on multiple rental websites.

From a single account in a single software, you manage your listings on all the rental sites you want to use!

We have connections to big rental channels such as Airbnb, Google Vacation Rentals, Hometogo,, Expedia, Vrbo, as well as metasearch engines and niche channels specialized in specific markets. For example, Tripvillas, Bellevue-Ferienhaus, Magic Stay, misterb&b and others. View all our connected channels here.


  5. Display your rental business in the most professional way through a personalized booking website.

We offer you the opportunity to share your properties with your loyal customers and new potential guests through your own professional website. We can build a personalized rental site for you, so you can boost your direct bookings and earn around 15% or 20% more per booking since you will not need to pay the channel fees.


  6. Super easy, intuitive and simple Set-Up for your listings.

Nobody likes to use a difficult to understand service or that requires many tasks to start using it. Sign up to Your.Rentals, and with our super-easy listing builder, you can create your listings in less than 15 minutes. According to our customers, our listing builder is super intuitive and clear. It guides you through each step with all the necessary fields you need in order to get your listings online in channels.

If you already have listings published on Airbnb, or other platforms, you can import them. The information will be copied to Your.Rentals automatically without you having to build the listing from scratch. We make it easy for you!


  7. Calendar Synchronization, the easiest way to view all your listings across channels.

No more double bookings! One of the worst nightmares for property managers is receiving a double booking. These situations are super stressful since you have to cancel one of them or try to find a solution without angering the guests. With calendar synchronization, you can avoid double bookings.

Your listings will be updated automatically in every channel that they are published on each time you receive a reservation. Therefore, there is no need to update your availability on every single rental sales channel. Your availability will be updated at all times for all the properties you have listed through Your.Rentals. Learn more about Calendar Sync here.


  8. You don’t need to worry about the payments, we also take care of that!

One of the day-to-day tasks for Property Managers that don’t use Your.Rentals is to deal with charges and payments. If a client’s payment is not processed correctly you need to contact the guests. Other tasks related to payments are sending invoices, checking that all payments are correctly made, etc. With Your.Rentals this is all over. We collect the payment directly from guests and securely transfer it to you.

Forget even the credit card and bank fees. We collect the security deposit from channels for you so you don’t have to think about the payment when guests arrive at your property. We send you the payout 24 hours after check-in. You can also choose exactly when you want to receive your payouts, either for every single reservation or to get all payments at the same time at the end or beginning of the month.

  9. Handle all communication with guests from different channels in one single inbox.

A very important factor affecting rental businesses is communication with guests. It is essential to answer all your questions efficiently and professionally. With Your.Rentals’ Messages feature you can create message templates and save a lot of time in communication. In addition, we have an online chat where you can respond directly and quickly to all guest’s requests and enquiries coming from rental channels like Vrbo, Expedia and Tripadvisor.

That’s not all! You can also send files safely and easily. For example, you could attach check-in instructions, inventory lists, or any other document you want to send. Good communication equals a happy and satisfied guest. Find out more about the benefits of a universal messenger here.

  10. Analyze your performance compared to your competitors and improve your ranking!

As a property manager, you most probably want to know how your competition is performing. In Your.Rentals you can use Insights to see information about the number of bookings in your market, the occupancy levels, and the booking rules of the properties in your geographical area. This way, you have all the resources to beat your competition and be the best in your location.

We obtain the data from our partner AirDNA. This reliable source is collecting data from the holiday rental industry in more than 80,000 cities.


  11. We give you recommendations to improve your reservation rate!

Thanks to the analysis tool, we have also developed Your.Rentals Opportunities. This valuable tool tells you exactly what actions to take to improve your performance. For example, uploading more and better photos to your ads, recommendations on the cancellation policy, rising or lowering your rates, improvements in the appearance of your listings, etc. By using Opportunities, you can see exactly what changes you need to make your listings rise up the sales channel search results and increase your bookings!

  12. You can also invite third parties to work with your vacation rental business.

Vacation rental companies usually collaborate with other third parties, whether they are housekeeping staff, property owners, maintenance staff, etc. It is super important to maintain clear internal communication so that there are no misunderstandings.

For this reason, Your.Rentals’ Collaborator feature gives you the possibility to share access to the booking calendar with other people. You can choose between partial or full access, meaning your collaborators can view listing calendars, and if you like, they can add their own bookings or block dates too. This functionality facilitates the internal communication of your rental business and will save you a lot of time. Your collaborators can also receive notifications so they will know when a new reservation has entered.

Benefits of using Your.Rentals for vacation rentals

  13. Be aware of all the updates on the Vacation Rental Industry!

By signing up to Your.Rentals, you will receive all the updates and news about the holiday rental industry, so you can be aware of everything that happens in the business. We collaborate with companies from different markets and professional associations such as European Holiday Home Association, VRMA, Asociació Turística Apartaments, and more! As well as this, we also host webinars periodically to offer the best of services and so that our property managers do not miss any new opportunities!


Our goal is to support you and help you increase your revenue. If you win, we win! As short-term rental professionals, we understand the inconveniences that can arise as a property manager, so we want to help you and make your job easier and simple. As you have already seen, we offer many benefits for your vacation rental business, and we can fully adapt to all your needs. At Your.Rentals we work every day to improve our services. Since launching in 2016 we have managed to position ourselves as a reliable and respected short-term rental software.


What else do you need to know? If you are still not sure, you can book a demo with one of our agents and see every detail of how our software works!

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