Are you ready for high season?

The summer holiday season is all about experiences, food, family, friends, relaxation, discovering new culture, beach, lake, sun, sunbathing…. the list could go on forever – at least from the holiday goers point of view!
If you are a holiday home owner or a holiday rentals agency the summer holiday season is quite different: Arrivals, departures, coordinating late-arrivals, no-shows, deposit payments, cleaning staff, replacing bulbs, missing items, forgotten items, complaints etc. After the high season you will need a holiday!
We have listed 5 easy things that you can do, to prepare for the busy season:

1: Have all handouts and instructions in the main languages.

You all know what nationality your guests mainly are, and it is always a good idea to have maps, driving instructions, the house rules (incl. the check-in and -out and key delivery details) and emergency numbers translated to the main languages. That way you can avoid many misunderstandings due to language barriers.

2: Contract reliable cleaners.

As mentioned in a previous post, the cleanliness of the holiday rentals are one of the most frequent complaints received during high season. You can avoid a lot of complaints and unhappy clients by hiring a reliable cleaning company or cleaners. It is a good idea to show them the property beforehand and let them know what places that get extra dirty and that they should be aware of (e.g shower and sink and bed pillows). It is also a good idea to have a checklist for the cleaners to follow, so that you know that everything is in order for the new guests.

3: Check the holiday home inside and outside.

Before the high season starts, it’s a good idea to check the holiday home. Does all appliances work? Any bulbs that needs to be changed? Any locks that needs a bit of oil? Does the hot water work? Things can of course break while your guests are there, but at least you know that it all worked when you handed over the keys.
If the property has a garden, no matter how small, ensure that the grass has been cut and the outside walls are recently painted/ no painting peeling off, and that the garden furniture is in a good state. If there is a pool please also check if its clean and working well. If the guests find everything working and clean, you will receive less complaints and happier guests…

4: Check your arrival list.

Do you know when your guests are arriving? Do you have any guests who arrive late/early, and did you already agree where to meet? Bear in mind that the guest often have travelled all day/night to get there, and if there are no-one to greet them or they do not know where to go, the relationship with them has gotten off to a bad start…

5: Review reviews.

Even though reviews are not something tangible you can prepare for the high season, they are very important in terms of getting feedback from the guest. Depending on what “expert” you ask, up to 80- 90% of consumers read online reviews and 80-88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation! Needless to say that reviews are golden eggs; when you get one good review it can mean an increase not just in popularity but also in revenue. Encourage the guests to write a review when they come home, and if anything negative that is in your hands, try to improve it for the next guests. It is a good idea to review the feedback from the clients from the previous year, and ensure that any flaws or complaints have been acted upon.