The responsibility that comes with managing vacation rentals can stretch you to the absolute limit. But what if you could make a simple change that could save you valuable time. Channel Manager software is the secret key that can help you unlock your property manager prowess and get more done. 

When you use a channel manager, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. 

Imagine smooth bookings from beginning to end. You can update prices on dozens of sites with a few clicks; your calendar synchronises like clockwork and no problematic double bookings. It sounds like a property manager’s perfect world, and it could be yours. 

If you are one of those property managers who is still sitting firmly on the fence of indecision, now could be the time to hop off the fence and give a channel manager a go. 


The Beauty Of Channel Manager Software

Channel Manager software might sound complicated if you are not tech-minded. But the name sounds a lot uglier than what it is. Opting to use property management software for vacation rentals can be a game-changer for your business. 

The channel manager connects with your property management system. This integration allows you to manage your property listings on multiple sales channels. Using one account, you can update your bookings, calendars, listings, etc. and process payouts.

If you pick the right one, you will find that it is not complicated to use and can radically improve your business. The real beauty is in its simplicity.

How Channel Manager Software Can Help Your Rental Business

So, getting to the nuts and bolts. Here are the six reasons why using property management software for short term rentals can save you time.

Reason #1 – Real Availability and No More Double Bookings

New bookings automatically update across all your sales channels. This update eliminates the possibility of a double booking from human error or technical problems. 

Also, on the flip side, your dates will become available on all sales channels if somebody cancels a booking. This automatic update helps you to convert more bookings. So, no missed opportunities and no need to recheck anything.


Reason #2 – Update Your Prices Quicker

When you need to update your prices, instead of going into multiple websites for different channels, you can update them all in one central place. Plus, it only needs to be done once. 

If your prices tend to fluctuate quickly, this can give you the confidence to react quickly in your marketplace.

Reason #3 – Easy To Use

It is surprisingly easy to use a channel manager. For example, Your.Rentals channel manager easily connects all your properties to dozens of different sales channels, such as Airbnb,, Vrbo, Expedia, TripAdvisor, etc. 

Listing is also a breeze, and you can create the perfect vacation rental listing quickly. This process is super handy if you want to optimise your listings to convert more bookings. 

Reason #4 – Customer Support At Your Fingertips

Remember when you used to sit at your computer for hours, trying to figure some tricky problem for your rentals. Well, if you use property management software for short term rentals, you can have the luxury of quick, high-level customer support at your fingertips. 

Your.Rentals customer service goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy. No matter what your query is, you can get in touch, and they will assist you. 


Reason #5 – Advantage Over Your Competitors

When you have a channel manager, you also have the option to gain access to insider information about your business. These exclusive insights can help you optimise your properties to an even higher level.

This information can give you a massive advantage over your competitors and increase bookings. For example, understanding how occupancy rates work can help you convert more bookings. 

Reason #6 – Saves You Valuable Time

Reason 6 is the icing on the cake. A channel manager ultimately saves you valuable time. Centralising all your daily work makes updating quick and easy. 

Using property management software for short term rentals gives you more time to spend on other areas of your business. This extra time means you can give your guests 100% attention instead of worrying about the manual computer work you still need to do.

In A Nutshell – Using A Channel Manager For Your Business

As a property manager, you want people to find your vacation rentals, book with you and then enjoy the best holiday ever. To achieve this complete process, you owe it to your guests and yourself to have a modern, streamlined booking experience. 

Sign up for our free channel manager software and enjoy these real benefits for your business!

  • Accessible and friendly customer support.
  • Utilise a quick and easy system to manage your rentals.
  • Eliminate the stress from double bookings by banishing them altogether.
  • Update your prices across all channels with a few clicks.
  • Find more time for YOU.

Are you managing five or more properties? If so, have a chat with our key account team who can give you some great advice to make your business a success.