Possibly the most important part of getting more bookings for your vacation rental property is setting up your property listing on the internet. Getting the content to sound attractive, using the correct keywords, and taking professional, attractive photographs is only the half of it. You also have to make sure you’re advertising your property in the right places. Of course, everyone knows about Airbnb, Vrbo, TripAdvisor and the like. But how do you stand out? This is where niche vacation rental websites come in. If you have the capacity to attract a niche audience, then you have a major advantage over competitors. Know your strong points and play on them to the best effect.

In order to figure out which niche vacation rental websites will actually drive bookings for you, you need to identify your specialised market. We have researched and put together a list of some of the most useful niche websites for vacation rental properties (many of which you can easily find and activate on the channel manager if you’re using Your.Rentals), that drive booking, increase visibility and give you the edge over competitors. Read on for our breakdown of 7 of the best niche sites for vacation rental properties.


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Based in Barcelona, Only-apartments are exactly as the name suggests. Specialising in trendy cities around Europe, they concentrate on owners of apartments suitable for short rentals. So if you want to attract guests looking for a weekend escape, with art and culture, bright lights and city lights, or you’ve got properties in cities like Rome, Budapest, Amsterdam, Berlin, or Lisbon then Only-apartments could be a great channel to publish on!

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Arrive a stranger, leave a friend. So goes the tagline on misterb&b, the gay-friendly travel accommodation website. Their homepage is packed full of positive recommendations, and happy stories of travellers who experienced great hospitality. Their mission statement? “Mister b&b envisions and helps to create a world where anyone can feel welcome and experience gay hospitality, fostering greater connections and amazing experiences”. If you’re willing and able to welcome gay travellers, then misterb&b’s strong focus on community and positive guest-host relationships might be just what you’re looking for. 

You can publish your property on misterb&b through the Your.Rentals channel manager!


Niche Escapes

The most niche of all the niche vacation rental websites! Niche Escapes is a super easy site to use, and will split properties into various categories so you can easily see as a host, where your vacation property rental fits in. Niche escapes also make it really easy for guests to browse and find the perfect property, so you know you’ll be getting the guests that are right for you. Categories include the various types of property, such as shepherd’s huts, farmhouses and luxury homes.

There’s also a series of ‘collections’, so you can specify your property or holiday type according to categories such as:

  • Surfing holidays
  • Glamping
  • Eco tourism
  • Culinary and wine
  • Beach Niche
  • City Niche
  • Accessible holidays
  • Pet friendly
  • Golf
  • Culture/historical

and so on…It’s a really good reference site if you want to narrow down or specify both your accommodation and the exact type of holiday you offer to guests.



There’s nothing worse than arriving at your accommodation for a holiday with the kids, only to discover it’s NOT family friendly, and you’re stuck there for the next fortnight. Too many hosts neglect to mention that their home is filled with expensive objet d’art and artefacts, or their pool is unfenced and deep until guests arrive! Considering how many guests travel with children, it’s obvious that they will want to search for accommodation according to suitability. Filling this need for family-specific niche vacation rental websites is Clanventure, a site dedicated to family fun adventures and family friendly accommodation. To list on there, your home will need to have all the necessary equipment for kids, including cots, stair gates, baby gear, toys and books. If you welcome families then it’s a great idea to make that your major selling point by listing the features parents want to see and mentioning your child-friendly property in your listing description.


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Don’t forget your best friend! Rather than kennelling the family pet, many guests like to bring them along on holiday if at all possible, and more and more vacation property owners are allowing space for Fido too. The aptly named bringfido.com is available for you to list your property and be part of over 200,000 other places to stay, where guests can stay, play and eat with their dog too. Read our blog “Is your holiday home pet friendly?” to see whether you are a good fit – and if you do nothing else today, take a look through BringFido’s photo section of dogs on vacation!

You are able to specify on all available sales channels if your property is pet friendly through the listing builder in Your.Rentals.


Niche Retreats

Showcasing premium luxury breaks across the UK, Niche Retreats are worth listing with if you have a UK vacation rental property and wish to be seen as a specialised accommodation owner. Properties featured on the site needs to make the Niche Retreats grade, meaning “unpretentious luxury, inspiring living spaces, distinctive interiors and unusual finishing touches that delight and surprise.” Some of the larger properties featured are ideal for large family group bookings or for parties and anniversaries, a trend that is growing in popularity. If you’ve got a luxurious property to rent, then advertising on niche vacation rental websites like Niche Retreats is the perfect way of getting the right-minded guests!


The Luxury Villa Collection

For luxurious villas in the south of Spain, you could check this exclusive website: Luxury Villa Collection. As an owner, they will help you to present your property in the best light possible, and they even produce high quality videos for most of their listings. According to the company, “We are one of the only agents that will create a high-quality promotional video for most of our properties, so they look just as beautiful on screen as they do in real life.” They offer only hand-picked luxury villas, as the name suggests, and will personally come and inspect yours if you decide that the Luxury Villa Collection is your perfect niche.

Choosing the right niche vacation rental website for your property can seem daunting, but hopefully you’ve now got some inspiration on how to start! By following the advice in this article you should now be able to assess your own unique selling points and to connect with guests who suit your property – the key to maximising your chances of getting more bookings.

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