Experienced hosts utilize third-party Airbnb host apps to streamline vacation rental bookings and guest management, despite the fact that the Airbnb app already offers these functionalities. In this article, we explain why using a host mobile app is crucial for enhancing productivity, rather than simply being a routine.

Especially when you plan to receive bookings from more than one channel, or already use a channel manager to run your vacation rentals business, a handy app could become a real-time saver in your Airbnb journey.

Time-sensitive short-term rental tasks

As a host on Airbnb, there are key routines that you should prioritise for efficient management, these are:

  • Accepting or declining vacation rental bookings
  • Replying to guests’ reservations
  • Helping with guest registration (relevant for some EU countries including Spain)
  • Giving timely guidance during the guest stay
  • Requesting a review from the leaving guest
  • Inviting cleaning personnel to prepare for the next guest
  • Collecting payouts from different booking platforms

Is there a separate app for Airbnb hosts?

No, inside the main Airbnb app there is a section for hosts. When you download the app on an iOS or Android device, sign up as a host and go to Host tools.

The Airbnb app allows hosts to manage their listings, communicate with guests and receive booking updates. Its minus is that it is only for one channel – Airbnb.

Airbnb’s Host Assist list of apps

If you’re looking for more functionality Airbnb provides a set of partner applications known as Host Assist:

  • Masterkey: Smart key management
  • Operto: Post-booking experience automation
  • Turnkey: Property management
  • Touch Stay: Guest communication
  • Turno (ex. TurnoverBnB): Cleaning and maintenance
  • Hostaway: Channel manager, PMS
  • iGMS: Channel manager, PMS
  • Your Porter: Utility connections
  • YourWelcome: Guest management

These and some other apps are available only in specific locations (as of late 2023): US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand. They offer various features such as guest messaging, property management, welcome book creation, and more to streamline the hosting experience.

Airbnb Host Assist apps can be accessed and signed up directly from your Airbnb hosting dashboard if they are available to you.

Should I have a separate Airbnb guest and host account?

You don’t necessarily need a separate Airbnb account. In terms of switching from a guest account to a hosting account, you can switch between the two by tapping on your profile and then tapping “Switch to hosting” or “Switch to travelling”.

airbnb app switch to host

Switching from Guest to Host mode on Airbnb app

Can hosts have multiple Airbnb accounts?

Owners are often driven to create multiple Airbnb accounts primarily by the goal of expanding their outreach and catering to diverse client demographics.

Although it is against Airbnb policy for one person to have multiple user accounts, there are exceptions for the big property management companies with a lot of listings.

If you manage multiple short-stay residences or own an extensive portfolio of holiday rentals, you might find this idea appealing but this is not an ideal practice as it goes against Airbnb policies. 

If you still decide to open multiple accounts as a host (even if it is not recommended), you should know that Airbnb aims to identify and deactivate users who breach its policies. This is accomplished by monitoring how hosts utilise identical IP addresses or contact information across multiple accounts under their management.

Same phone number for different Airbnb accounts

If you are a professional host on Airbnb eligible for multiple accounts, to stay flexible, you can set up the same phone number on both of them. 

It’s only required to have distinct login credentials for each account. This means that if you, as a host, negotiate a second host account with Airbnb, you can conveniently use the same phone number.

Go for multiple channels, not Airbnb accounts

If you feel like you need to increase the visibility of your properties, one of the ways is to get listed on various alternative platforms like Vrbo, Booking.com, Expedia, TripAdvisor, etc. 

By using a channel manager such as Your.Rentals you will be able to manage bookings and guest messaging through our mobile app. 

Best Apps for Airbnb Hosts

Below we mention some apps that are offered by vacation rentals management platforms like us, Your.Rentals. Their usage is linked with the functionality of these platforms on which we’ve written in our post about different channel managers.

Most channel manager mobile apps are designed to assist the web browser app’s performance for people on-the-go, hence many have limited functionality.

Pro tip: you should always start by evaluating the desktop software and the service.

But anyway here is our concise list of the best vacation rental host apps.

1. Your.Rentals mobile app for hosts

In 2023 Your.Rentals introduced the first version of their mobile app with the basic functionality for booking replies and guest messaging on the go. The app is a personal point of control, working in tandem with exceptional client support tailored for business customers: 

  • Guest messaging, making communication with your guests a breeze.
  • Manage Bookings from Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo, Expedia among others on-the-go. Streamlined bookings, and efficient property management.
  • Stay in charge with your Calendar – manage bookings, and plan ahead with ease. Avoid double-bookings.
  • Send new booking offers.
  • Notifications: Stay informed with real-time updates on crucial events.

Your.Rentals mobile app is just the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the surface of Your.Rentals service pack you will find:

  • Personal touch phone support for our business clients
  • Guest registration for bookings in Spain
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Direct booking tools including your own STR website
  • Easy payouts management from one place
  • No-mess with API of complicated configurations
  • Multi-account feature if you want to split by country, property type, etc. 
your rentals mobile app

Manage your bookings in real-time

Your.Rentals recently launched a mobile app that allows you to effortlessly manage bookings right from your mobile phone, providing convenience wherever you are.

Get started with Your.Rentals and download our mobile app to manage your vacation rentals on 40+ channels.

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app store
google play

2. Guesty for Hosts

Guesty for Hosts (ex. Your Porter App) is an attainable choice for hosts seeking to manage their short-term rentals on the move. Within the Guesty for Hosts app, you can:

  • Manage reservations from OTAs and reply to guests inbox.
  • Assign tasks to your team.
  • Automate guest interaction.
  • Operate your own direct booking site.
  • Income & payments reports.

The downside of Guesty as a property management is the high price and the lack of real-time phone support. However, it is important to note that Guesty is another good solution for vacation rental owners and for property managers looking for a solution to manage multiple properties from one place.

guesty host app

3. Lodgify mobile app

Lodgify mobile app serves the needs of the hosts on-the-go in terms of functionality. There is a limited access to features based on subscription level. 

  • Booking management: create and edit bookings
  • Editable calendar
  • Guest messaging
  • Push notifications 

Assess whether the mobile features meet your requirements if mobile functionality is a priority for your property management needs.

lodgify mobile host app

4. Bookiply app

Bookiply is a property management software focused on the private hosts and property owners. Bookiply support provides a personal touch, like the Your.Rentals model. The tool and app offer practical functionality. The key features of the Bookiply mobile app include:

  • Task management
  • Reservations management
  • Automated guest messaging

Bookiply commission varies from 6%-8% per booking. Some users found that it does not scale as effectively as other property management software on the market, especially for larger businesses with more properties or booking.

bookiply app for hosts

5. Hostaway host app

Hostaway offers an all-in-one vacation rental software tailored for medium-to-big property managers. The mobile app complements the majority of features the tool provides:

  • Manage reservations 
  • Guest communication
  • Advanced calendar
  • Task management across properties and connected channels
  • Automation for many services

Major cons against Hostaway include their pricing model, which seem to be working on a case-to-case basis. Besides there are many features an average host won’t need, so think twice if you want to use hostaway for 2-3 properties? Going deeper into the product one could mention that their direct booking website templates are very basic.

hostaway app for hosts

6. Smoobu mobile app for hosts

Smoobu is a property management software for vacation rental owners. Smoobu’s mobile app is currently available only on Android and includes the basic functionality:

  • Reservation system
  • Calendar synchronisation
  • Automated guest messaging
  • On-site guest guides

While Smoobu offers many benefits, some potential cons include limited integration with other business tools and software. Also, their software might not provide the same reporting capabilities as certain other property management platforms. Some users may find the user interface less user-friendly.

smoobu app for hosts

Best Practices to Manage Multiple Airbnb Listings

1. Familiarise yourself with Airbnb’s guidelines

Before launching, consider implementing these practices to ensure your business is well-managed and under control. You could start by:

  • Familiarizing yourself with Airbnb’s stipulations. For example, it’s good to know that you can have only one Listing per Accommodation, but if a property is big enough, you can have multiple listings for it. 
  • Ensuring compliance by quickly responding to guest inquiries and reviews to maintain the activity of your account (that is when airbnb mobile host app comes in handy).
  • Do not connect to multiple accounts from the same IP address, as Airbnb monitors this and may deactivate your accounts. 

Consolidating listings for diverse target audiences on a single Airbnb account is not-advised. However, if you are an individual host without business representation, it is recommended to manage only one account.

2. Hire a property management company

Managing multiple accounts and listing various properties can be challenging for Airbnb hosts when it comes to staying on top of guest communications. The task of maintaining all their accounts can be quite demanding. 

You can explore the option of hiring a property manager company to handle operations on your behalf. They can manage guest inquiries and, in return for their services, receive a percentage of the revenue generated from your various Airbnb properties. 

By Incorporating these practices hosts improve the possibilities of sidestepping potential pitfalls and averting suspensions.

3. Use a vacation rental software

Transitioning to a channel manager becomes nearly an industry norm when expanding your listings, as opposed to managing multiple OTA accounts (online travel agencies) individually. 

With a software like Your.Rentals you can reach:

  • channel management for 40+ channels
  • booking calendar synchronisation
  • automated guest and staff communications
  • dynamic pricing
  • direct booking website
  • advance payouts before the guest check-in
  • uniform payments and invoicing

Easy way to start Airbnb business

Your.Rentals is here to assist you build great vacation rental listings on 30+ channels.

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If you’re an Airbnb property manager looking to streamline operations and save time, exploring mobile apps offered by channel manager operators is a must. 

With the host mobile app you can:

  • Timely respond to guests using uniform messaging across all your channels
  • Timely accept reservations and manage bookings
  • Get quick access to booking information from your phone

Most host apps are not designed to completely duplicate their web versions. They serve as a basic add-on to the property management tools with an “on-the-go” function.

So, ultimately, you’ll decide on a channel manager or a PMS and seamlessly utilize their accompanying mobile app.

That is why you should look for the balance between the features you need at the moment, the number of your properties and the pricing plans for the tools you want to use.

Your.Rentals has some unique features like single point for payouts, multi-accounts if you want to segment your properties by country, type, etc. It is also a very safe place to start with our pay-per-booking model. And because of this fee structure, we are bound to educate our hosts on how to enhance listings visibility, how to do direct bookings and more.

Now we hope you are equipped with the knowledge and strategies needed to make the most of the hosts app’s features. If you still haven’t got a host app it is a good time to download one and test it for yourself.