Managing different vacation rental properties in Europe involves different decisions, including which channels to choose when publishing your vacation rental offers. Currently, there are many options online and each of them can target different customers or may have special benefits. That is why it is important to know which are the best rental sales channel options in Europe. 

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has meant a very important change in the vacation rental market. Nevertheless, studies show that the total income in Europe on the rental of vacation homes can reach 20M euros in 2021 (according to Therefore, find the best options to publish your rental vacation properties in 2021 and get the most out of your listings. Here you can find a Coronavirus guide for vacation rental owners and managers.

Several elements are good to take into account when choosing the right sales channels for your listings in Europe. One of them is the origin of the bookings, that is, where your guests are coming from. 

Best international rental sales channels in Europe

Are your properties in an area mostly visited by European tourists? Or, are your guests usually from the USA, Asia or other different parts of the world?

Numerous sales channels are internationally successful in Europe. In the most relevant channels, you can also notice their worldwide presence by checking the number of languages in which the website can be translated. Each travel channel has some differences and it is interesting to get to know them to choose the one that best suits you. 

  • This platform is well-known for its hotel room rental service, however, it also offers private property rentals. It has become one of the biggest competitors for vacation rental sales channels in Europe and worldwide due to its strong reach. A good thing about booking is that it helps to get reservations in the low season. As one of the best known channels in the vacation industry, you might have already joined to publish your listings. You can learn how to perform better on our post “How to rank higher on
  • Expedia is one of the biggest travel booking websites in the world. Expedia stands out for its wide variety of accommodation options. It offers many choices, such as car renting, vacation packages, flights and more–in addition to vacation rental properties.
  • Travelopo is a sales channel that is very successful in European countries, especially Spain, Italy, Portugal and France. It offers private chalets, villas and apartments for rent. Their main target is the UK and German tourists with high booking value.
  • Airbnb. It is the leader of all short-term rental channels worldwide, operates in 191 countries and is well-known in Europe. However, it is originally from the United States where it is most successful. Its worldwide online presence can be seen in the number of languages in which the website performs, right now the site is translated into 31 languages allowing people all over the world to use its services. 
  • Tripadvisor. Opinions are key to this platform. Millions of users book on this platform based on the reviews they have read before. It is very used and known in Europe. Therefore, if your guest’s opinions are very valuable to you, Tripadvisor is a good place to advertise your listings. Your properties will be shown on Tripadvisor’s other sites including “Flipkey”, “TripAdvisor Rentals” and “Holiday Lettings”. 
  • Tuivillas and Atraveo. These partners are connected to 9000 travel agencies in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany so its presence in Europe is noticeable. Additionally, it has listings all around the world. 
  • The Vrbo group has several platforms: (Vrbo, Homelidays, Abritel, etc) And each one targets a different market. The main Vrbo platform operates in the USA, but if your property attracts European tourists you may find that your listings perform better on one of its affiliates, such as Homelidays. Instead of focusing on a single country, Homelidays targets Europe in general, though is perhaps best known in France. 

Of course, since 2020 the international bookings have suffered a big drop in the market for obvious reasons. However in some European countries, the local tourism is starting to recover, and so you may wish to shift your focus onto domestic guests. 

Top local vacation rental sales channels

Some sales channels perform better in specific regions, this is usually because users are used to these sites because of the language or because the site earned more trust, and therefore, a better position in these specific regions. In any case, It’s good to know in which territories each sales channel excels to get the most out of your listings. Usually, these channels don’t offer more than 5 or 6 language possibilities, compared to the bigger international sites. 

  • E-domizil. They stand out by their experience. This company has been operating for over 20 years and they have the TÜV German certification, which guarantees safety, status and reliability. Nevertheless, they have listings outside of Germany as well. E-domizil is a group that includes two other vacation rental sales channels: E-dom and Bellevue-Ferienhaus. 
  • Bellevue-Ferienhaus.This website is more focused on luxury rental apartments and it collaborates with important media channels in Germany. This website doesn’t offer translation options besides German, which means it will only target the German market. 
  • Locasun. It is very recognized in the French territory but it has also expanded to other countries in Europe. 
  • Abritel belongs to the giant Vrbo, but in fact, it is a supplementary site targeting the French market. This sales channel is very successful, as it is the number 1 vacation rental website in this country. The site is available only in german and french. 
  • Cozy-cozy is a French metasearch engine that advertises vacation rental properties all over the world but is more aimed at the French-speaking market, nevertheless, they expanded the language options having 20 choices on their list. 

Your.Rentals collaborates with all types of rental sales channels, including all those mentioned in this post. It also welcomes channels specialised in very specific areas. Some of these niche holiday rental sales channels are price comparators like Holidu, which gives a lot of visibility to competitively priced listings. Your.Rentals also works with a short-term rental channel that is oriented to the LGBTQ+ community–misterb&b, which already reached 1 million listings worldwide. On the other hand, if your guests are usually on business trips, you can list your properties on Magic Stay, which is focused more on business travellers. Or if amongst your properties there are short and long term offers, maybe you can consider joining Rentberry, which allows both short and long-term rentals compared to other sales channels that don’t. 


Depending on the nature of your properties, their location, your guest profile and other aspects, you can choose a number of sales channels where you can maximize your bookings. These channels can be international focused, local-oriented or targeting a specific niche.  Hopefully, this article helps you choose the best rental sales channels that suit best for your vacation properties in Europe.

In most cases, the best is to publish listings in several holiday rental sales channels to get the maximum amount of bookings. By signing up for free in Your.Rentals you can just click on the sales channels that you have chosen to advertise your properties. After that, you will not have to manage a lot of rental channels at the same time, since Your.Rentals shows you all the information on a single platform. Find out more about what it is like to have a channel manager.

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