Many guests search for properties with free wifi and we see stronger booking conversions for listings with free wifi. To make sure your listing has Free Wifi set correctly in the listing editor:

1. On the Facilities page: Under “Internet”, choose “Wireless internet WiFi(fig. 1)

2. On the Extras page: Under “Optional extras and services” add an extra “Internet” provide for “Free”. (fig. 2 and fig. 3)

fig. 1

fig. 2

fig. 3

Other Recommendations

  • Check your monthly data allowance before you open up your WiFi. You can quickly exceed your monthly allowance once other people start using it.
  • Opening up your WiFi to guests may impact on your own internet use. If you have a reliable connection with 5MBps or more, sharing to a couple of units at 1MBps per unit should still allow you to watch iPlayer and surf the web.
  • And remember as property owner you have a responsibility for the internet supply and its proper use. There are disclaimers available which you should ask your guests to sign, in exchange for free use of the WiFi, specially if you run a small-medium business and don’t have (or can’t access) a Hotspot Controller.