While we often think about holidaymakers when talking about vacation rental guests, there is one whole other segment that offers good value to rental property owners and managers – business travellers. An ever-increasing number of businesspeople prefers to rent holiday homes or apartments instead of staying in hotels. And since the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work and travel, more and more guests are finding new and exciting places to do their jobs. Therefore, as vacation rental owners and managers, it could be very lucrative to consider tapping into this market segment.

But let’s start with the basics! First of all, it is fundamental to understand the type and needs of the businesspeople segment. Some could be travelling to attend an event, conference, or meeting, while others could be attending team building or education-related events. There is another type of business traveller often looking for a vacation rental – it is international commuters that live in one place and work in another.

In order to capture the interest of corporate travellers, vacation rental owners and managers should adapt their vacation rentals to respond efficiently to their needs. Attracting this segment that is evermore looking for comfort in their business trips could boost revenues considerably.

So, this is what you should consider adding to your vacation rentals properties and to their online listings in order to attract them.

Business desk in vacation rental

1. Great high-speed wi-fi

Since so much of business is conducted online these days, a wi-fi connection will probably be the most important aspect. Business travellers will be looking for great, steady, and fast internet access in the vacation rental. Properties that have a secure free wi-fi connection on the listing will be much more attractive to corporate travellers.

2. Business workspaces in vacation rentals

Business travellers need specific amenities that would make their stay in their vacation rental comfortable and productive. They would probably look for quiet homes or apartments allowing them to concentrate fully on work. Offering workspaces optimized for corporate travellers will attract their interest, and office chairs and desks will probably save them from a sore back. There should also be pens and paper at their disposal and plenty of sockets for all their electronic devices. If you want to go even further, a printer and extra office supplies would be great additions as well. And for when an energy boost is needed, maybe even coffee and beverages.

The holiday home or apartment should also have somewhere to hang up a suit and maybe even an iron and ironing board. Consider putting up a mirror and leaving a hairdryer on hand for them so they can easily look their best for their work meetings. All these features should be updated on the vacation rentals listings on all the rental sites you use.

Business center near vacation rental

3. Business hotspots near the vacation rental

One of the reasons businesspeople travel is to attend meetings, conferences, or other events. If the vacation rental is within sensible distance from business hotspots like business centers, convention centers, local businesses, or other event hosting places, you should add it to the listing description.

Moreover, you should mention the travel distance to those locations in terms of time. If prospective guests are not able to quickly get a clear idea of how long it will take them to reach the location, they might decide to overlook your accommodation. It would also be a very good idea to provide information about local convenience services like supermarkets, restaurants, or takeaways. By doing this, you would be saving them time and effort out of their busy work schedule.

Parking lot

4. Parking or access to transportation

A business traveller is looking for accessibility. If they are travelling in their own car or hiring one, the price of parking could become very elevated. Therefore, offering free parking included in the accommodation’s price could easily win them over. On the other hand, businesspeople travelling longer distances might be more interested in easy access to public transportation. Offering detailed information about the travel distance to bus, train, or airport will make the choice easier.

Leisure in vacation home

5. Don’t forget about leisure

While it is true that business travellers will be focusing on their work and meetings, that does not mean that the vacation rental offering should neglect the pleasure side of a business trip. In fact, there is a growing trend in “Bleisure travel”, a concept encompassing a mix of business travel and leisure travel. Many employers and employees are supportive of “bleisure” as a good work-life balance, even on the go, helps lowering stress and enhancing productivity and job satisfaction.

So, why not make the vacation rental homely and relaxing by offering guest slippers or a cozy winter fire (if the place has it). Your business guests could also be happy to find cold beers and beverages in the fridge to unwind after a long day of work. And in addition to listing possible entertainment, dining, or spa treatment options, you could also think about offering information about possible activities or tours nearby your vacation rental.

6. Value over budget prices

Since companies usually appreciate good value over budget prices, the business traveller segment is often not very price sensitive. This translates into a good opportunity for vacation rental owners and managers to increase revenues. Corporate travellers are willing to pay a premium for good value and for all the features they could need already wrapped up in the vacation property package. Adding in the fact that businesspeople are people easy to host as they will be mostly focused on work makes it a recipe for success.
You may also wish to provide certain optional extras or amenities for a fee to capitalise on this. For example, offering a dry-cleaning service or airport pick-up could be a great way of increasing your revenue per booking.

7. Update your online listings to attract business travellers

Whether you already have some online listings or you’re starting out from scratch, you will need to decide which rental channels are the best ones to reach and attract business guests. If you don’t know where to start or if you’d like to have a second opinion on which channels would fit you best, head over to our Channel Advisor. By answering just a few questions, our generator will tell you which channels you should focus on.

Once you’ve determined which channels are the best ones to reach business travellers it is time to build your online listings and update the ones you already have. It’s really important to keep your vacation rental listings updated. A strong, well-thought-out headline will grab the attention and make people want to learn more. Likewise, reviewing your listings facilities and description details to make sure that you’ve listed all that you have to offer will help sell your property to business guests.

And if all of this sounds like a lot of work, we have a solution! A channel manager is the best way to easily publish your property listings on all the major vacation rentals sites. Through our Channel Manager you can receive bookings from every site, avoid double bookings, and automatically update all your chosen channels whenever you change listing content, price or availability. Furthermore, with our Channel manager you can save a lot of time and energy as you don’t need to create an account for every website, just one Your.Rentals account to publish on every channel.


Put yourself in a business traveller’s shoes and think about what you would like to find if you were to rent a vacation home for your stay. Did you get some ideas? Great! Then you are ready to adapt your holiday rental accordingly. Going one step further with concierge services, transport services, housekeeping, grocery shopping services will give you an edge on your competition. And don’t forget to update the listings descriptions!

Furthermore, remember to put care into your listing description and think about the appropriate terms to use. A business traveller would probably look for more specific terms that would point to the vacation home as business travel friendly. Terms like quiet home, easy access to transportation, or terminology related to business and the workspace will catch the eye of a corporate traveller.

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