Couples that are looking for a romantic getaway are a big market segment of the vacation rental industry and, in order to appeal to them, you should consider adapting your holiday home to respond to their needs. But how do you do it? What are couples on a romantic vacation looking for and what needs are specific to this group of travellers? How can you offer an amazing experience? Read on to find out what you should think about when targeting couples for your vacation rentals!

1. Craft a romantic description and present beautiful pictures

Let’s start with first things first! When couples are planning their romantic trip and scouting the possible accommodations, the first thing that will catch their eye is a well-thought headline as well as a detailed and inspiring description of your vacation rental. Depict your holiday home in a romantic way in both words and images. Adding stunning photographs to your listing will allow potential guests to visualize and imagine themselves staying in your vacation rental. You can read more about how to write a good listing description and how to take great vacation rental photographs.

2. Offer specials and promotions

Couples could simply be looking to enjoy a vacation together, or the reason for the romantic getaway could also be a special occasion. Anniversaries, Valentine’s day, honeymoons, mini-moons (i.e. typically a long weekend after the wedding festivities) are among such special occasions.

Offering specials and promotions for these events will attract them to your holiday home and giving that exceptional touch to your guests’ experience when they’re there will make sure it will be a memorable occasion. Welcome them with flowers, rose petals or a romantic basket with scented candles, chocolates and a bottle of wine. Especially for honeymooners, by offering them that magical touch and making their experience unforgettable, you may be able to create a likely return booking for those dates for all those looking to relive the special event. Here you can read more on how to increase your direct bookings with promo codes and special offers.

3. Provide relaxation and spa experience

What’s more romantic than a relaxing getaway? Pools and hot tubs are the most commonly looked-for amenities for couples that want to enjoy a peaceful stay together. In fact, since they are so popular, most vacation rental websites allow guests to filter properties by these search terms. Therefore, you should make sure to clearly indicate in your listing which features or facilities you offer.

Moreover, offering spa items like fine soaps and bath products, scented candles and extra towels and sheets will surely be much appreciated by your guests. If you don’t have these features in your holiday home, you could link to nearby places where couples could go and enjoy spa or massage treatments.

ambience in vacation rental for couples

4. Set the mood

A romantic getaway wouldn’t be complete without some ambience. Setting a dreamy mood with warmer light and light dimmers will help your guests enjoy their stay in your vacation home. If you want to give it that extra touch, you could add lights from different sources (instead of having just an overhead light) and some battery-operated candles to diversify light sources and create that fairy-tale feeling. To add to the intimate mood, you could offer good quality sheets and soft blankets, along with a welcome basket to enjoy together. You could also mention in the listing if the property has wine or champagne glasses on hand.

5. Take care of their privacy and security

Your romantic guests will likely value their privacy and not want to worry about indiscrete eyes. Installing curtains will leave them the freedom to enjoy their stay. The curtains should be fairly thick or even light-blocking, which will also help in setting the mood.

At the same time, your guests will also be interested to know what security measures are provided in your vacation rental. For example, you should mention in the listing if the holiday home has a safe for storing valuables as well as if there are surveillance cameras or monitoring devices on the property. Remember that guests must be informed about any cameras or recording devices before their arrival.

6. Create guides for romantic couples

While couples might want to enjoy their company and time together, they will likely also want to go out and explore the area. You could create a personalized guide for your romantic guests. In the guide, list all the dreamy spots around the area, romantic restaurants, wine bars, and spas. You can also list other activities both indoors and outdoors that could be interesting to them. In this article, we discuss an app perfect to create and share personalized travel guides for your guests. Offering to make reservations for your guests ahead of time will certainly earn you extra points, especially in busier times of the year (just think about Valentine’s day or other festivities) or for fancier restaurants.

personalized guides for couples

7. Offer additional services

Every couple is different, so one might be more interested in certain amenities than others. Additional services that could be of interest to some but not all could be offered for a fee. These extras could be cozy slippers, silky robes, champagne bottles, or chocolates of excellent quality. You could also decide to offer airport pick-up service for a fee or conciergerie services. Just put yourself in a couple’s shoes and think about what you would like or need during your stay at the vacation rental. Find out here which are the top 5 facilities every vacation rental should provide, and which two to avoid!

8. Update your vacation rental listings to attract couples

As already mentioned, the first thing that catches your potential guests’ eyes is a compelling headline and an inspiring description, so take your time in crafting a great presentation of your short-term rental that would appeal for romantic getaways. Remember to keep your listings updated on all the rental sites.

There is a way to easily list and update your vacation properties on all the major rental channels: a Channel Manager. Through our Channel Manager you’ll be able to receive bookings from every website you’re listed on, sync calendars to avoid double bookings, and automatically update all your chosen rental websites whenever you modify the listing’s content, price or availability. And to do all this, you don’t need to create an account for every rental website, all you need is one Your.Rentals account to publish on every channel. That means that no matter which site couples are using to search for their next romantic getaway, they’ll be able to find your property listings, perfectly designed to meet their needs.

And if you don’t know or are unsure about which are the best rental sites to reach and attract couples and honeymooners to your holiday home, you can try our Channel Advisor. By answering a few simple questions, the generator will tell you which channels would fit you best based on your goals. You can also read more about which are the best rental websites for you here.


There are different types of vacation rental guests, all with different needs and preferences. To appeal to couples looking for a romantic getaway, your vacation rental should fit their needs and expectations. And offering that extra touch will be greatly appreciated by your guests, who in turn will leave you five-star reviews!

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