Are you thinking that your vacation rental could be a great option for families? Are you looking to find out all you should consider to attract this segment? Read on to discover all you should know about attracting families to your vacation rental.

Vacation rentals responding to families’ needs

There are different types of vacation rental guests, all with different needs and expectations. Families are no exception to that. Families have a whole other set of needs during their vacation, especially if they are larger families with a lot of children. Going on vacation with kids in tow can turn out to be a stressful affair, needing to keep track of everybody and everything. Not to count the many accessories they would need to bring with them!

Therefore, the choice of the holiday home is a very important moment for parents. As a vacation rental owner or manager, understanding the specific needs of families will make your vacation rental appealing to this segment. Consequently, happy and satisfied guests will also mean that you will be able to receive great reviews.

If you want to attract this significant segment, you should consider adapting your home to fit their needs. This is what you should think about adding to your vacation rentals properties and to their online listings in order to attract families.

1. Family-friendly and kid-friendly description

When families look to go on vacation, parents start by applying the “family-friendly” and “kid-friendly” filters to their search. That is why you should specify that your vacation rental is family-friendly and kid-friendly in a clear way on your short-term rental listing. Use specific terms like “family-friendly” in your description so that guests scanning the text will spot them immediately. If the vacation home is on a quiet street and neighborhood, you might want to indicate that as well. Read more about how to write a good description for your holiday home here.

vacation rental for families

2. Be specific about sleeping arrangements

For families, it is very important to get clear descriptions and details about the rooms, bedrooms and sleeping arrangements. If you have children beds or a crib at hand, specify in the listing that you have these extras at their disposal, and make it clear whether you charge extra for these items. Some parents don’t want to sleep with their baby or children in the same room, while others do – that’s why you should be very specific in the text description, but also offer pictures so that the parents can get a definite idea of the spaces and make the right choice for their situation. Here are some tips on how to take great pictures of your rental. A satisfied guest will result in great reviews, so the clearer the listing, the better!

3. All the comforts for children and the family

Families with children will need a variety of amenities during their stay in the vacation rental. By having them on hand in your holiday rental and clearly stating them in your online listing, parents will be able to cross some things off their list of items to bring along.

For families with babies or small children, extras like a high chair, a crib, a playpen would be needed. Having on hand cutlery for kids, plastic cups or night lights will also be greatly appreciated by the parents. It would be nice to also offer a few simple and inexpensive toys like building blocks, puzzles, books and cartoons. If you have a swimming pool, you should have some pool gear at the ready to entertain kids. And if there is a beach close to your holiday rental, a bucket and some beach gear for kids will prevent parents from having to bring all these things themselves. Just make sure that all the toys and objects are easily washable.

On the other hand, if the children in the family are older or in their teenage years, they will probably be concerned about Wi-Fi access since they will likely be bringing their own phones and tablets. And for when they would like to enjoy some time in the fresh open air, it would be great to mention outdoor amenities such as football or basketball courts near your location as well.

And last but not least, for when the family is gathered together – why not some dvds, a Netflix subscription or board games for the whole family?

kids toys in vacation home

4. Address security concerns

Families are very concerned about security and safety issues, which is one of the reasons they might prefer hotels. By addressing their safety concerns directly from the get-go, you’ll be able to eliminate their doubts and win them over. Make sure you have a reliable security system and that you describe it in detail in your vacation rental listing. Among professional security features you can consider are alarm systems, surveillance cameras at your home’s entrances, and gate sensors. If you have a swimming pool, ensure that it is safe and well-secured. Remember, guests must be informed about any surveillance cameras or recording devices before arrival.

At the same time, you should also think about security issues inside your own vacation home. Since children will be wandering around, all sharp objects should be removed and all sharp corners should be protected. Childproof your home with socket covers, stair gates and cupboard latches. Make sure there are no live wires or loose or cracked tiles either. You should specify all the steps you have taken to ensure that your holiday rental is kid-friendly in the listing to attract parents to book a stay with you.

5. Create guides for families

Families staying at your vacation rental will be looking for spots and activities fit for all the family. You can create a guide for them about all the places of interest and activities in the area of your holiday home, both for kids and the whole family. By offering a detailed guide and making things simpler for them, you will be able to inspire them to travel towards your location and book a stay with you. Among the kid-friendly spots and activities that you should mention are parks and playgrounds, restaurants for the whole family, beaches (if there are any), pools, and picnic spots. In this article, we discuss an app perfect to create and share personalized travel guides for your guests.

While vacations are for fun and relaxation, it is always better to be prepared in the event of an accident. Leaving a list of contact numbers for the local pharmacy, doctor, dentist and emergency room will help give parents planning the holiday peace of mind and feel prepared should an unlucky event occur.

vacation guides for families

6. Update your vacation rental listings to attract families

If you’re looking to target families it is important to adapt your vacation rental for their needs. At the same time, it is important to choose the best rental channels to reach and attract families. Should you not know where to start or need a second opinion, you can try our Channel Advisor. By answering a few simple questions, the generator will tell you which channels would fit you best based on your goals. You can also read more about which are the best rental websites for you.

When it is time to build your online listings, take some time to write a clear and compelling headline that will attract your target segment. Remember to list all the steps you’ve taken to ensure that your vacation home would be family-friendly and kid-friendly and explain how you’ve adapted the home to answer to the whole family’s needs. Make sure that your listing is always up-to-date on all the rental websites.

A Channel Manager is the best way to easily list your vacation properties on all the major rental websites. Through our Channel Manager you can receive bookings from every website you’re listed on, sync calendars to avoid double bookings, and automatically update all your chosen channels whenever you modify the listing’s content, price or availability. You can save a lot of time and energy since you don’t need to create an account for every rental website, all you need is one Your.Rentals account to publish on every channel.


The family rental industry is a large potential market for vacation rental hosts. The key to tapping into this market segment is to understand the needs of families and adapting the short-term rental to respond to their requirements and expectations. Especially when travelling with small children, parents will most likely choose a place that can offer comfort, relaxation, and all the necessary amenities, but, most of all, security. Clear, detailed and updated listings are the right way to capture the interest of parents to your holiday home.

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