How To Avoid Double Bookings

As the travel and tourism industry continues to flourish, the short-term rental industry has also experienced robust growth. 

To grasp this amazing business opportunity, property managers must learn the ways and tips to manage their bookings to work less but earn more. One of the key things to note would be avoiding double bookings.

Double bookings can be a living nightmare for property managers, especially if they do not have an alternative property available.

Effective calendar management is just one solution to this potential headache. Not only can it help you prevent double bookings, but it can also save you precious time.

The good news for vacation rental owners is that you can take steps to avoid this situation. You can be proactive and help get rid of the stress for both you and your guests.

Double Bookings – Common Causes

Double bookings occur when you accidentally book your property for the same night/s, for more than one guest.

There can be many different reasons for vacation rental double bookings. Let’s look at some of the most common causes.


Double Bookings – Problem Areas

  • A guest changes their check-in date, but you forget to update your manual system.
  • Availability is not accurate for the property.
  • Confusion between colleagues, resulting in human error.
  • No synchronisation across different selling platforms.
  • There is no dedicated system in place to manage and track bookings.

Things To Note To Prevent Double Bookings 

  • Calendar Management

Using professional calendar management software enables you to update amendments and add new bookings seamlessly. Helping you avoid errors from manual inputs.

  • Channel Manager

If you want to save yourself time and be effective, you need a channel manager. You can distribute your availability and rates across many platforms in a real-time scenario.

  • Creating Your Property

You must create accurate listings. Take your time to avoid making mistakes when you upload a new property. Set time aside and concentrate.

  • Double-Check Before You Go Live

Before you place your property live, double-check it. This will save you valuable time in the long run.

  • Organise A “Back-Up” Vacation Rental

Hotels do it, so why not copy this idea? Befriend a local vacation rental owner and agree to help each other with a “back-up” property, in case there are any unforeseen circumstances.

Now, let’s look at calendar management in more detail and learn how to avoid double bookings.

How To Manage Your Calendar To Avoid Double Bookings

Use a proper calendar management system. It can give you the peace of mind that you need and save you precious time.

At Your.Rentals you can use calendar sync to help avoid the dreaded double bookings. These points below show the different areas that it can cover for your business.

  • Accurate Availability

As soon as you receive a booking, your availability can be updated everywhere, on all the different websites that you are working with. No more double bookings.

  • Calendar Sync

If you have your calendar on another website, it is no problem. You can use iCal to synchronise your digital calendars.

  • Import and Export Dates

You can import your dates to Your.Rentals from another site. All your connected channels receive the dates, preventing double bookings. You can also export your dates.

  • Manual Bookings And Blocked Dates

You can add offline bookings, and they will be updated on all your channels. You can also block dates whenever you want. So you are in control.

  • Real-Time Updates

Easy calendar management. Your property calendars update in real-time, saving you valuable time.


Double bookings are stressful. Save yourself money, time and stress by taking proactive steps to avoid them. 

  • Take your time creating your listings.
  • Have a dedicated booking system to handle reservations.
  • Organise a “back-up” property in case of any unforeseen problems.
  • Use calendar management that is simple, easy to use and effective.

Please let us know about your experiences with double bookings and perhaps our Account Managers can help you.