The key to a successful vacation home rental property, and a busy listings calendar, is to advertise your second home as both a holiday let, and as a BnB for those one or two night stays. Offering breakfast will often seal the deal for most holidaymakers, and being flexible enough to offer both self catering and BnB means you’re able to tick all the boxes on anyone’s vacation want list.

If you’re new to BnB management, welcoming strangers into your home may seem daunting at first, but you will soon get into the swing of things. Some guests will become lifelong friends, and return again and again. Seamless management, and a few polished, learned practices will see you shine as a professional BnB manager.

There are a lot of things to consider when managing a BnB, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Putting a plan in place, and remembering a few simple and straightforward pointers will help make renting your vacation rental property simple!

Here are our top ten tips to be the very best BnB manager:

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1. Set the tone

A welcoming tone of voice in your adverts and listing descriptions. Use a friendly and conversational tone when writing your listing, and try not to sound robotic. If writing is not your forte, hire a copywriter to make the words and description flow smoothly in a friendly tone. If you want to attract a variety of guests, services like Your.Rentals will allow you to list your property in multiple languages meaning that you can deliver the same quality advertisement to guests no matter where they’re from.

2. Greet your guests

Be there to personally welcome your guest from the outset. You’re welcoming them into your space and you want them to feel at home, right from the moment they arrive. Of course, many BnB managers are busy with multiple properties and a hundred jobs to do! If you’re not going to be there in person, it’s always good to give them the contact details of whoever will be greeting them so they feel taken care of.


3. Make it a home from home

Make your home feel like their home for the duration of your guest’s stay. BnB stays tend to be only one or two nights so make the best impression that you can. There’s no need to completely remove all your personal items from the property, but keep it low-key. Photos of your family in guest rooms remind guests that they’re staying in someone else’s home.

4. Optional extras

Add some personal touches like dressing gowns in the bathrooms, or towelling slippers to take away as a gift. If you’re not sure about giving things away for free, you can offer them as an (optional) extra for a charge. Using Your.Rentals allows you to easily see exactly what your guests have ordered as part of their booking, so you know in advance if you need to stock up.

5. Comfy & Cosy

Good sheets and soft and thick towels go a long, long way on the satisfaction scale. You don’t need to go overboard when purchasing soft furnishings, but small bonuses here and there can make guests feel they’re in a luxury property at a fraction of the cost.

6. Utilities & Facilities

Ensure tons of hot water for long and relaxing baths or showers. There’s little that will turn a guest’s perception sour and lead to a negative review for the BNB manager faster than a property with poor basic facilities!


7. Vacation = Recreation

Supply a selection of music, books and games if it’s a family, in case of inclement weather and the need to stay indoors. Even if your guests don’t use them, they will appreciate the thought!

8. Be a hands-off BNB manager!

Thermostats that are controllable by the guest within the room show your guests that you trust them and make sure they are able to feel comfortable at all times. Your idea of warm or cool may not be someone else’s comfort level.

9. Whatever makes your guests comfortable

Stock a variety of pillows and blankets. If you want to add a really professional touch and show your credentials as a BNB manager you can steal an idea from upmarket hotels and provide a pillow menu: a soft or firm place to lay one’s head can make or break a great night’s sleep.

10. Don’t forget the food!

The last point on the list, but probably the most important: BnB means Bed AND Breakfast, so provide a GREAT breakfast, with plenty of menu choice, generous portions, and be prepared for the pickiest of eaters and differing dietary requirements.