Advertising your vacation rental in the right place is just the first step to becoming a successful property owner. Be aware of the tricks and tips too, in order to boost your vacation rental on AirBnB, and you will soon be top of the list, enjoying a full calendar with the satisfaction of happy, year-round guests.

A little of the science part

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, and begin to understand a little of the technology that goes hand in hand with your vacation property listing. Okay, before you switch off and go for coffee, it’s really not rocket science, and fairly easy to digest, even for the most technologically challenged amongst us! Think of this as your lightbulb moment…

make things happen on airbnb

You’ve got rhythm – algorithm

Yes, it’s that dreaded, but oft heard word – Algorithm. It’s actually quite a useful tool when it comes to property management software, and its purpose is to find the perfect place for guests to stay – and also to identify you as the perfect host, and then flag both parties up to each other. It’s all about a really good fit. The AirBnB algorithm examines more than 100 different factors, in each and every listing, for every single search. You won’t have to come top of all of them in order to be in with a chance of coming up top on their listings, and the criteria is secret – naturally – but they all fit into three basic categories, which are namely:

  1. Guest requirements: AirBnB look at your prospective guests closely, including who they are, where they are searching from, where they previously travelled to, and which listings they have added to their Wish Lists. It’s a little like online dating, and helps to match the traveller with their ideal host, or rather, place to stay.
  2. Listing details: Up for consideration is how well your property has been reviewed in the past, the location, and of course the all-important price. Also an important factor is how quickly that you, as a host, answer queries, and whether Instant Book is turned on or not.
  3. Trip details: The devil in the detail. How many guests will be travelling is factored into the equation, and how long the trip is for, how far away in the future is it? Is it for next week, or next month, or even farther away? Searching guests also have the option to factor in a minimum and maximum price that they might wish to pay, so this is also a consideration.
make things happen on airbnb

A working holiday

With today’s agile working conditions, and the sheer amount of remote workers, often, a break is just an excuse to work somewhere with a different view! We have all been guilty of taking the laptop with us, and sneaking in a few emails, or being available to the folk back at the office, while the family are splashing in the pool. It’s harder these days to take a real break from work, when taking a vacation. So, it makes sense as a property owner to have free WiFi on offer to guests, and, in reality, this is one searchable requirement that will make or break a booking. Honestly, can kids actually live without it? But, do ensure that your offer of Free WiFi is correctly configured on your listing.

make things happen on airbnb

Become a Superhero

You will have heard of the Superhost designation offered by AirBnB. In actuality, this designation does not in any way boost your listing above someone without it. BUT, the factors that will have earned you the Superhost designation DO. So, if you can, try and achieve it. Just starting out in the vacation rental business? You’ll be pleased to hear that new kids on the block also do well, as AirBnB will give new hosts a leg up in the form of more exposure, in order to get them off to a good start. An instant boost!

make things happen on airbnb

The long and short of it

The old saying, “Fish and guests smell at three days old” (Benjamin Franklin) does not apply! Some guests just want one night, perhaps on their way somewhere else or to break a journey, and more will want to stay for longer than is usual. So, give your listing a really good chance of being boosted, by reducing the number of MINIMUM nights a prospective guest may stay, and increasing the number of MAXIMUM nights to include those long stayers who just love your place as much as you do. Incidentally, referring back to the price you set, it’s also a good idea to include a reasonably good discount for long stays.

make things happen on airbnb

Starting now, your own ‘To Do’ list

So, to summarize, in order to boost your vacation rental on AirBnB, answer any queries as promptly as possible, and and keep Instant Book turned on for those last minute getaway guests. Ensure you keep a stream of good reviews by always reviewing your guests first, and keep that listing bang up to date. Be competitively priced, especially if there are lots of people in your area doing the same thing, don’t outprice yourself. Ensure you have a fantastic portfolio of photographs on show, using our handy guide of Seven Tips for Great Vacation Rental Photography, in order to gain the best from your pictures. Renew those images when required too – if you have a brand spanking new state of the art kitchen, then ensure the old flatpack one is not the one on show. To make life easier, use a reliable Vacation Management Software like Your.Rentals – it takes the pain out of managing your vacation rental property. You only get one chance when potential guests are browsing for somewhere to stay, so make the most of that chance, and be the best that you can possibly be.