Renting a vacation rental home is increasingly more popular among families with children. They can get up when they want, eat when they want and use the garden, pool or other facilities without too many restrictions. Now it is up to you if you want to include this segment to rent your holiday home. You can make it appealing for families including some small inexpensive extras, and we have listed them below:

Get started right…

Travelling with kids can be a tiresome affair for both children and parents. So do all you can to make sure your guests can start to relax from the minute they arrive. There are of course the obvious things like ensuring the holiday home is clean and heated (if cold outside), water is hot and beds are made. But how about a few extra touches like some puzzles or colouring books to keep the kids entertained while the parents unpack. You could also consider offering the option of a home prepared meal waiting ready for when they arrive, or offer to buy the basics in the supermarket, so groceries are already in the holiday home when the tired family arrives – or what about a welcome tray with a bit of cake/biscuits and tea, coffee or juice. The options are endless…


Safety is important for parents – especially if they are travelling with young children. Start by taking a good look around for any potential problems such as uneven steps or old paint. Childproof your home with things like socket covers, cupboard latches and stair gates. A travel cot and highchair are necessities, that either can be offered against a fee or included in the price. Be aware that not all your guests will have young children so you will need to have somewhere to store these when not in use, as you don’t want your property to become unappealing to those without children. A small selection of plastic plates and cups, and toddler sized cutlery will be greatly appreciated by both the parents and the children.
An extra plus would also be to keep a few simple and inexpensive toys in the holiday home such as cars, puzzles, books and building blocks. Ensure that all the toys are washable and check the toys on a regular basis to ensure they are not broken and unsafe or have missing pieces.


As with indoors, look around the outside of your property to make sure it’s safe for children. Are there any loose paving stones or cracked tiles that could be dangerous? Remove any poisonous plants and make sure ponds and pools are securely covered or enclosed. Outdoor toys like swings or trampoline are always welcome as long as they are safe and well maintained.
If your property is located near the beach a set of sand toys or a football for the children to use would be a nice inexpensive extra.


Families with older children

Older children or teenagers tend to bring their own entertainment in form of tablets, consoles and mobile phones. Their main concern will be whether there is access to Wi-Fi. However,  they still enjoy playing games like basketball and football so if you have the facilities for these, it will be an extra plus for them.


The family has probably already researched what to do in the area before arriving, but  providing a folder with locations and attractions you know to be particularly child-friendly, as well the contact numbers for the local pharmacy,  doctor, dentist and/or emergency room. This will not only help the parents to plan the holiday, but also give them a peace of mind if any accidents should occur.
You should keep the general rule in mind that if the children are happy and relaxed, the parents will be happy and relaxed too. It is important to create an environment where families can have fun and relax – and hopefully they will return and recommend your property to other families!