How to Rank Higher on

You have bitten the bullet and decided to list your home as a holiday rental for others to enjoy. Perhaps the main aim is to earn a second stream of revenue, as most hosts will readily admit. It’s good to know that your second home or guest rooms will be earning their keep, and you will want to fine-tune that process in order to earn extra cash and achieve more financial freedom. The best way to do this is to advertise on as many of the most popular platforms as possible, by signing up to Your.Rentals and allowing us to handle it all seamlessly for you. Choose the best places to advertise and understand the fees. Then all you are left to deal with is to welcome your guests and take the profit…so, you will want to outshine the competition to be as profitable as possible. The ultimate aim is to be as good as, or better than, anyone else on the block. How can you rank higher on a site such as

Optimize your listing

Ask yourself the most important question: Can I improve my vacation rental listing? It’s true, unfortunately, looks do matter, especially first glances. A picture paints a thousand words so it’s imperative to have the most professional photographs of your property, all shot in their best light. If an outdated mobile phone is all you have then it might be worth hiring a pro photographer or the services of a friend. Once you have the best high-res images, then you are halfway there. Remember to show all of the devil in detail. Once your home is primped and polished, include commodities in the description. If you mention a log-burner, show it blazing away, or a sparkling pool, ditto. Guests don’t, however, need to see a toilet seat, or Aunt Barbara on a sun-lounger topping up her tan. 

Science fact(ion)

The science behind search results is a tough one to crack – so don’t even go there. Even the professionals find it hard to figure! Concentrate instead on the simple but effective tasks at hand and the rankings will do their bit. Besides your wonderful new images, remember to be communicative with guests, answering any questions, being knowledgeable about your property rental and the local area, places of interest and times to travel from the closest airport or ferry terminal. Some guests prefer to plan ahead, so think long term when setting your availability dates. Communicate before, during, and after. If you have a booking widget installed on your website, this would make it easier for you to keep in touch with your guests. Always reply to a good review with a personal slant to your tone, making your guests feel special and more inclined to book again, as well as bumping you up on those all-important rankings.

Wrapping up

Remember too, that you generally get what you pay for, so if you are prepared to raise your commission level with, then the more your ranking will improve, but only do this if you are completely comfortable with paying more. The best actions are those we have already detailed, and all of them if followed correctly will guarantee a higher ranking on and using a channel manager like Your.Rentals can definitely help you manage your vacation rental more effectively.