The low season can send shivers down the spine of the hardiest vacation rental property manager. The vacation rental booking low season statistics can even cause a sweat.

Eurostat found that in July and August, vacation rentals can amount to 16.5% and 18% of the yearly bookings, as they are generally the more popular months. But this can drop as low as 4.3% in November.

It is that time of year when you start seeing your bookings drop off. You have less income coming into your business, and you must control your spending like a hawk-eyed accountant.

However, the good news is, you can stop feeling like you have a ransom on your head. You can adopt a vacation rental strategy to help with the low season and eliminate any potential stress.

This strategy will help you to increase vacation rental bookings overall and provide a healthier booking conversion in the process.

As a bonus, it doesn’t even need to be that complicated, and you can start to boost off-season bookings straightaway.

How To Increase Vacation Rental Bookings?

There are four main areas of your business that you need to pay attention to. If you are committed to working on all of them, you can proactively start to control your off-season.

You will be able to rest easier at night, safe with the knowledge that you can increase vacation rental bookings even in the low season.

Create A Magnetic Listing Description

Don’t forget to highlight your unique selling points so guests can search for their favourite things. For example, mention you accept pets, and the animal lovers will love you as well.

Catering for pet owners can be a sure-fire way to boost off-season bookings. Pet owners can struggle to find places and always like to travel with their pets any time of the year.

Overall, your listing description needs to sell your property. You need to grab the reader’s attention from the beginning.

Be ruthless and critical with yourself. Read your description as though you are a potential guest. Does it grab you? Do you want to know more about the property after you have read the first line?

If you are struggling with this, pass the description to somebody not connected with your business and ask them for their honest opinion.

Use Attractive Pictures

You should be using high-quality photos for your property listings. Like the description, they need to showcase your property.

If you do not own a camera or the camera on your smartphone is not the best, consider paying for a professional photographer.

It has been shown time and again that high-quality photos can help increase vacation rental bookings. Did you ever stay anywhere that had terrible photos?

It might seem like an expensive option, but the new bookings you will receive will far outweigh the cost of the photographer.

Lower Your Prices For A Competitive Edge

In the low season, you must remain competitive. Bookings are scarcer than usual, and competition is fierce.

Prices should be an essential part of your vacation rental strategy. Consider lowering your rates. In business, it is crucial to be both proactive and reactive to different situations.

Research your competitors’ rates in advance of the low season and lower your prices at the right time. Our in-app data analysis features, provided by AirDNA, are great tools to help you with this. You can get ahead of your competition quickly by having insider information at your fingertips.

If you notice during the low season that your competitors are securing more bookings, consider lowering them again. After all, bookings with lower rates are better than no bookings at all.

Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

Whether it is prices or a new advertising campaign, forewarned is forearmed in business. If you are not already monitoring your competitors, you need to start doing this immediately.

Also, remember, it is not just the positive things you need to watch but also the negative ones. Guests can be fickle, so it can sometimes be hard to understand what turns them on and off.

Follow any positive patterns of your rivals as this will help boost off-season bookings. Likewise, if you see something that guests don’t like, make sure you stop it straight away.

It is important to be informed. Get involved in the local community so you can hear what your competitors are doing. It helps you keep your finger on the pulse, which is perfect for future business.

Boost Off-Season Bookings – Low Season Checklist

The low season can give you a bit of a well-earned break after the hectic high season. But it is hard to enjoy some free time when you must watch your spending habits.

Start using a vacation rental strategy that can help you counter the yearly challenges of the low season. Act now and boost off-season bookings!

  • Create magnetic listing descriptions that bring you more bookings.
  • Use attractive pictures that showcase your vacation rental property.
  • Gain a competitive edge by lowering your prices at the right time.
  • Monitor your competitors regularly.