If you are concerned that guests are not always as well-behaved as they should be in your vacation rental, it might be time for you to invest in a noise monitoring sensor.

You want to ensure your guests have the best time in your accommodation; leave a rave review, tell their friends AND become repeat bookers. But you also want them to be respectful of your home and neighbours.

Noise reduction and party prevention in your Airbnb

Noise monitoring technology is the slickest way to avoid problems with troublesome noisy guests. It allows you to remotely monitor noise and manage party prevention in your Airbnb, without being intrusive.

The technology is changing the way we protect our homes and elevating our reputation as Airbnb hosts. You can monitor and protect your home from anywhere in the world, at the same time, delivering a higher level of guest satisfaction.

At Your.Rentals we are delighted to announce our partnership with Minut: the #1 solution for hosts and owners in noise and occupancy monitoring.

Minut Home Sensor

What is Minut?

Minut delivers on so much more than just noise reduction. The Smart Home Sensor works for you to detect noise levels, prevent parties, stop electricity wastage, and keep your neighbours happy whilst fully respecting the privacy of your guests and enhancing their experience during the stay. 

In fact, it’s one of the smartest technologies you can incorporate into your vacation rental home. 

Let’s take a look at how to use Minut in your vacation rental property.

Why do I need Minut for noise monitoring? 

When you manage a high-value vacation rental or have just renovated your home, property damage caused by antisocial guests can end up costing you more than the booking revenue. 

What’s more, guests who are noisy or have a party might not only damage your home, they might also damage your relationship and reputation with neighbours. 

Why do I need Minut for noise monitoring?

As a property manager, you may find yourself answering to an angry owner who has received complaints about guests that have booked into the property through you. 

Installing a Minut Smart Home Sensor alleviates an owner’s worry about damage to both home and reputation. 

What’s more, when you connect Minut via Your.Rentals the device will automatically send SMS messages or call the guest when the noise levels are above the set threshold. Statistically, after receiving the first SMS, the majority of the guests stop the party.

How does Minut work?

Minut offers multiple solutions to enhance the guest experience and monitor noise control, occupancy and party prevention in your Airbnb.

  • Schedule messages, so that guests know exactly what to do when they arrive. 
  • The sensor sends an alert if your alarm goes off between stays.
  • Minut can be integrated with your smart lock for seamless check-in and check-outs.
  • When your guests arrive, Minut will send a welcome message and a gentle reminder about your house rules.
  • And, you’ll receive a notification once your guests have checked in.
  • Throughout their stay, it will track temperature and humidity, setting a comfortable temperature for their enjoyment. 
  • And to ensure that you are not wasting energy, you’ll receive an alert if air conditioning or heating has been left on while your guests are out, or once they have checked out. 
  • The sensor has default values for Normal and Quiet Hours (you can set you Quiet Hours from 11pm to 7am, for example). If increased noise levels are detected during Quiet Hours, you will be notified and can decide if you want to dismiss or act.
  • The sensor monitors sounds levels and will alert you when it detects a noise level over what you have set up.
  • It will also count the number of mobile devices in your accommodation and alert you when they out number the maximum guest occupancy. For example, if the guest confirms 4 people to stay but then Minut detects 10 mobiles, then you will be informed and can take necessary action.
  • If based on sound levels and occupancy detections, your guests are not following house rules, it will send them a reminder.
  • It measures humidity levels. When levels increase, it may suggest there is a water leak that needs to be checked.
  • You can coordinate entry for cleaning and security staff and when your alarm is set to active, Minut will once again alert you if someone enters your home.

How to tackle privacy concerns from guests

One of the main concerns owners and hosts have about integrating a noise monitoring device in their vacation rental is whether it invades a guest’s privacy?  

You want to have peace of mind that your home is protected, but you don’t want to upset guests and potentially miss out on bookings.

This is not a problem with Minut. The technology listens to noise levels in your property. There are no cameras and it never listens or records guests’ conversations. 

 Pro tip: Minut is camera free.

Addressing owner concerns about Minut 

Addressing owner concerns about Minut

What are the main questions owners and hosts have before signing up for Minut?

What happens when a guest dismantles Minut?  The system has tamper detection, so you will receive an alert if a guest tries to dismantle the system and you can contact them to discuss. 

Pro tip: Inform guests in advance of their stay through your Airbnb listing and in your house rules, to alleviate any issues once they arrive.

 How does the device stay charged? Minut’s rechargeable battery lasts up to 12 months, so you can run it wired or wireless.

Pro tip: Ask your cleaning team to charge it, whenever they do the change-over cleaning.

How much noise is too much in an apartment? 

  • Normal noise level is 50-60db
  • A dinner party or loud tv is 60-70db 
  • A loud party 70-80db
  • A VERY loud party 80-90db 

Pro-tip: Set noise thresholds for day and night time so that night noise is kept to a minimum and your neighbours will be able to sleep in peace.

How can I use it for party prevention in my Airbnb? You can set Minut to detect noise duration. For example, if the maximum noise threshold is exceeded for more than 5-10 mins it recognises that the guest may be having a party. 

The sensor also detects the level of occupancy in your home at any time through mobile devices.

Minut sound monitoring for vacation rental properties

Minut sound monitoring for vacation rental properties

If you are a host with multiple properties to rent out, you probably considered using the channel manager for your bookings.

 The good news is that many vendors now have integration with Minut. If you consider using Your.Rentals channel manager AND also have or plan to use Minut sensors – you can take advantage of a seamless experience. 

Sync your Minut sensors to your listings within the Your.Rentals app and follow the noise statistics. Full features available with Minut-Your.Rentals integration:

  • SMS and autocall to guest who exceeds the noise threshold
  • A noise monitoring report that can be downloaded from your Your.Rentals dashboard
  • Noise monitor graph for each listing
  • Ability to map Minut Homes to your listings 

Monitor and protect your home from anywhere in the world, stay in harmony with your neighbours and deliver a premium experience to your guests with Minut and Your.Rentals.