Being a property manager can be extremely satisfactory in everyday life. In our latest vacation rental industry report that you can download here, we discovered that meeting people, as well as the possibilities offered by technology, bring happiness to most vacation rental owners. Truly, technology does make things easier for property managers, especially when it comes to communication. First, you can easily get in touch with your channel manager and service provider when unexpected challenges arise. At Your.Rentals, we offer fantastic customer service and are always happy to help you in your everyday life as a property manager. Second, you can also easily contact your peers and share your experience with other property managers on online discussion forums and groups.

We have listed some of these groups for three different platforms – but there are many others out there! Discover the online discussion groups we have listed to meet other property managers, network and share your experience!

Share Your Experience On Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a fantastic way for property managers to connect with each other and share their experience.

If you want to get some advice from your peers regarding how to manage your holiday home, you might want to have a look at the group called Holiday Rental Owners Network. There, you can share your experience, information, help each other and ask questions to property managers coming from all over the world. If you are relatively new in the industry, you can also check this new group for vacation rental owners and managers to learn more about starting and growing your business.

Depending on where your properties are located, you can find local Facebook groups for property managers, such as:

Facebook offers a lot of opportunities for property managers to network together, depending on their location, their business – and even their gender. The private group called Women in Property Management was indeed created exclusively for female property managers to network together!

Network And Meet Property Managers On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is certainly the place to be if you are looking for a networking platform. Many groups on this social media are directly related to the vacation rental industry such as:

Use An Online Discussion Forum To Talk To Landlords

If you’re not a big fan of social media, don’t worry! The Internet has a lot to offer. You can easily find a landlord discussion forum in a few clicks on any search console.

  • Lay My Hat is a forum for vacation rental owners. You can find free advice, ideas and discussions in order to get more bookings. You can ask questions and share your experience with your peers.
  • Bigger Pockets also contains a forum for landlords and property owners where you can discuss together and find advice and tips for your business.

This list is obviously non-exhaustive. Make your own research to find the most suitable online discussion group for you and your business!

Any advice or feedback for your fellow property managers about discussion groups? Let them know in the comments!