[:en]Today we released a new update to Your.Rentals, with the following changes, bug-fixes and improvements.

New features

  1. Rates input preferences – to give property managers a choice of how to input their rates. You can read all about this feature in our help centre.
  2. Added more Extras & Services including: Car rental, Airport shuttle, Barbecue, Bed linen, Bike rental, Boat berth, High chair, Kitchen linen, Laundry service, Linen pack, Pet, Sunbed, Towels, Transfer, Umbrellas.
  3. Added more Taxes types and allow multiple taxes per listing.
  4. Added more Photos labels to allow property managers to better tag their photos.
  5. Booking.com channel configuration – improved edge use-cases and simplified the process.
  6. Continued integration work with sales channels.
  7. Photos updates – increased minimum required photos to 10 and minimum allowed and recommended photo sizes.
  8. Additions to API to support sales channels that are merchant.
  9. Status page for users to check status of the Your.Rentals systems

Bug fixes and small changes

Amongst other things, we have fixed the following issues.

  • Failure to publish listing due to rare characters input in Description field.
  • Business verification fails with message: “Account plan verification documents were not found”.
  • Calendar: duplicated manual bookings on one period
  • Error with SMS to Canada numbers
  • iPad rendering issues
  • Improved notification to PM when Payout pending by no payout method
  • Payout sent email to notify PM that a payout has been sent
  • Improvements to “Order extras” on Guest booking details page
  • API stability and performance improvements