19th of August is World Photography Day! Rental property photography is one of the most important aspects when advertising your holiday rental house. Therefore, we could not miss out on the opportunity of celebrating International Photography Day (its alternative name) with all the property photo enthusiasts!

The official date for the photography day was first created in 2009. This date was created for all the photographers, students of photography and people who love shooting images either in a professional way or as a hobby. The purpose of this day is to motivate people to engage in the photography business.

Taking good care of your home rental photography is a must to succeed in the business. There are many reasons why photography is so important for advertising your properties. Find out here why it is so important in order to get bookings and the best examples and tips for effective property photographs.

How does having good vacation property photography affect your bookings?

Images, not only for holiday houses but for any business, are an element that adds a lot of value. Besides, photos are also the first filter that guests encounter in the decision-making process. For instance, 75% of the people who shop online rely on the product pictures when deciding to buy. Why would this be different when renting a vacation house for some long-awaited holidays? The interior property photography shows potential guests the size of the rooms and furniture, the comfort they may get, and the ambience in the different spaces of the house. If you combine it all with the proper lighting and stylish decoration, it will probably awaken a desire in your potential visitors.

Vacation rental property photography

What are the benefits of having professional vacation property photographs?

Increases the number of online reservations.

When travellers look for a vacation home they want to be sure of what they will be getting. There is no other way to demonstrate the comfort or the quality of your property online than with pictures and a prepared and quality description. Show them what you are worth!

Increases the value of your holiday rental property.

If you manage to get more bookings in your rental house, you can raise the price accordingly! It is proven that optimizing the holiday property’s photographs can increase your bookings and your revenue up to 40% according to Airbnb’s study!

Improvement in the search positions on rental channels.

Vrbo, Booking.com, Airbnb and all the rental platforms prefer to have professional photographs for vacation rentals on their sites. Their way to encourage vacation rental hosts or managers to upload better quality images is by giving more exposure to those listings with better images. Find a guide here on other ways to rank higher on Booking.com.

Improvement in the guest experience.

With nice photographs, you increase the expectations of your guests and therefore their attitude before visiting your property. What starts well ends well! A good first impression increases the likelihood of guests having a positive experience. This means they’re more likely to leave a good review – one of the main contributing factors to receiving more bookings in future!

We recommend hiring a professional vacation rental photographer. However, if you would like to take the professional pictures yourself we have a guide with tips for holiday rental photographs that will help you a lot.

Best examples of Rental Property Photography

To get the most out of International Photography Day, we’re highlighting some of the best photos of vacation rentals listed by some of Your.Rentals property managers.

In this case, the vacation rental business FEEL LUXURY HOLIDAYS has really understood how to create a feeling in these beautiful images by combining the warm colours, the palm trees, the beach hat and the towels. It seems like you could jump in the pool anytime on a hot summer day in sunny Morocco, which is exactly what you want to do in your summer holiday house! View the details of Villa Aïa here.

Luxury vacation rental photography

Here is another example of a perfect photograph to attract guests in Villa Yen from FEEL LUXURY HOLIDAYS: showing the living room real space and maintaining good lighting both in the windows and inside the house. Pro tip! For professional property photography having appropriate lighting while you take the picture is a must. Visit Villa Yen here.

Luxury room photograpahy

Moving to a completely different style and feel of the images, you can see the property “Reve D’Evan” here. The property’s name means “Evan’s Dream” in French, what a perfect name! The rental business Domaine de Montails have managed to convey the feeling of staying in a peaceful fantasy world. Through the use of small details such as flowers or a round big bed, they target couples. The elements that are the most important for these Vacation Rental Photographs to be a success are the depth of the images, the bright colours and the simplicity in the decoration. Besides, the shapes in the walls are very original and special.

Couples vacation rental France
Romantic holiday rental France

Another challenging element in vacation rental photography is to take bathroom images. Many times the bathrooms are small and don’t have the best lighting. But that’s when the creativity of the owner or professional photographer comes into play. Think about the little details that will add value and make the bathroom unique! Domaine de Montails has a picture with all the small details that make the bathroom stand out: lights on, hanging robes, towels carefully folded and decoration elements that create contrast. All these details show exactly the value of the space: Pavillon Mathéo.

vacation rental bathroom photography

Of course, the quality of the rental house affects the look of the property images, but it is not the most important aspect! You don’t need a luxury property to show good photos and attract guests through them. Good property photography skills are about making the most out of every space and element that you are shooting!

For example, here ClickSardegna manages to show the most valuable and enjoyable things of their charming holiday house from the beautiful island of Sardinia. They share the house experiences by showing, for example, that the guests can have a fresh outdoor breakfast moment with local Mediterranean products in Villa Degli Ulivi.

Holiday property photography breakfast idea

Or you can already imagine how nice that chat with your family or friends would be on this attic’s terrace in the middle of a traditional Italian village.

Holiday rental attic

But of course, we cannot forget the most important element of a vacation rental house: the beds. Property managers or owners like ClickSardegna need to prove to their guests that their sleep will be deep, comfortable and pleasant using only pictures and descriptions. A bit of a challenge right? You can achieve it with a proper image of the bedroom with the bed dressed with nice quilts or covers and comfortable pillows that match the ambience of the room. Villa Carrabufas images are just the best example of how a bedroom should be shown. View all the details of the property here.

Bed pictures for vacation rental listing
Bedroom images for holiday rentals
bedroom picture ideas for vacation rentals

As you can see learning how to take photographs as a professional is not easy, but using quality rental property photography can help you earn more money and higher the value of your business and rental holiday houses.

There are many other ways to improve your business performance, in Your.Rentals we help property managers and owners to boost their businesses with our Property Management Software. Find here how we can help you get more bookings and save plenty of time!

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