The heat, the good weather and the holidays are approaching in the northern hemisphere and we all want to have our moment of relaxation. As a vacation rental manager or owner, you’ll want travellers to choose your summer rental as a travel destination. There are certain actions that you can start taking to fill your reservation calendar and get the most out of summer 2021.

The key is to prepare your summer rentals in advance in order to get the most summer bookings:


Make your summer rental a coronavirus-safe area.

Safety first. For many travellers, this may be the first major vacation they’ve had since the outbreak of the pandemic. Guests are still understandably somewhat cautious regarding safety and hygiene. Make sure to highlight all the precautions you are taking to protect your guests from coronavirus. Every small detail is important. Travellers take this subject very seriously, therefore you don’t want to miss some valuable information about the cleaning, the social distancing or other aspects that might affect your guest’s opinion on the safety of your summer rental. For example, if the garden is shared, make these rules very clear. 

There is a lot to learn about how to improve your vacation rental business during coronavirus. Watch our free webinar to listen to industry experts discuss the upcoming trends in vacation rentals regarding coronavirus. 


Learn how to prepare your business for an increase in demand

Prepare your properties and listings for the summer.

Many different elements build the listings. Updating these with a summer focus can make a difference when travellers choose a destination. It is very important that you give a summer look to your property.

  • For example, adding outdoor furniture or barbecue facilities can help sell your summer rental as a desirable summer getaway.
  • Besides, it is time to dress the beds with the summer sheets and quilt.
  • Another good way to prepare your summer rental is getting your garden ready and beautiful for the good weather.
  • If your summer rental has a pool, it is time to start getting it clean and ready.
  • Take care of the gutter and drains and every single detail that may cause problems in the summer.
  • If your property has a chimney it may be a good idea to deep clean it and place nicely some logs for it to look better. 

Remember to update your online listings to reflect any changes you make, including emphasising summer activities in your written description.

Another important factor is to set the right cancellation policies and prices. As you may know, flexible cancellation policies are proven to perform much better than strict cancellation policies. Here you can find a guide about vacation rental pricing in 2021 with all the information you may need. A good alternative is to set different cancellation policies according to the level of flexibility that travellers want to have and adapt the prices to each one. Lastly, be aware of the booking demand in your market and adapt your prices accordingly. 

If booking demand is high, you may be able to use comparable peak rates to before the pandemic. But if demand in your location remains low, you may need to be less aggressive in your price increases this year.

Reviewing your rates and cancellation policies will most likely improve your ranking in the different OTA’s.

Summer looking breakfast

Early bird discounts

This tool is very useful to attract potential clients that would like to book your summer rental a long time in advance. It is beneficial since it allows you to start filling up your calendars and assure your reservations for the high season. This year the early bird discount might attract the most optimistic travellers or those located in areas where they are sure they will be able to arrive at the destination. 

You can choose until what date you want the users to be able to use the discount. The time can vary depending on the platforms and the percentage of the discount. On average, these discounts are used until a maximum of one month in advance. Another positive aspect about the early bird discount is that you can consider setting a more strict cancellation policy in exchange for a cheaper rate.

Last-minute bookings

If we take into account the restrictions regarding coronavirus, it is very possible that in this upcoming summer there will be many last-minute bookings. The restrictions play a big role in the tourism industry, and if near the summer it happens to be possible to travel abroad, the last-minute bookings might potentially increase. Therefore, if you have empty spaces in your calendars, you should try to attract spontaneous travellers.

A good way to do that is by erasing the minimum or maximum length of stay to give more flexibility to the potential clients. Also, the price is a very important element in last-minute bookings. When the moment arrives, check how your competitors are pricing. The last-minute discounts are the main triggers for a spontaneous traveller to make a decision. Be strategic when selecting the discount and compare it with your competitor’s prices. Remember that discounts usually improve your ranking position on the sales channels.  

Upload pictures that share summerly emotions

A picture paints a thousand words. In this case, we want to make the user feel like he or she is in your summer rental when they see the listing. To achieve this, you should post the best pictures possible. Some other tips could be: 

  • Take the pictures when the property is ready for summer
  • Deep clean the whole property before the shooting
  • Add colourful elements, like fruits or decoration. 
  • Choose a sunny day
  • Create a staging to make it look like the areas are being used
  • You can add persons in the pictures to make it look even more real. 

We have a guide on how to take good pictures for your vacation rental with more detailed recommendations

Good description for vacation rental

Be aware of specific summer events that might boost your bookings 

Usually, the summer season is the time of the year when most of the events happen, like concerts, festivals, fairs, competitions, etc. 2020 and 2021 are a bit special, we all know why and it is very rare for events to happen. Nevertheless, some of the events manage to be corona-friendly and they happen anyway. In these cases, you can take advantage of the travellers that attend these events near your summer rental and host them. 

You can specify in your listings the distance to the location of the event or make a friendly discount. Also, you can try to build loyalty with your guests so if they like to attend the event every year, they will choose your summer rental repeatedly. Find more information here about how to use big events for your vacation rentals. 

Advertise your Summer Rentals in many different channels. 

When using a PMS or property management system you allow your properties to be advertised on many different platforms. This will potentially increase the chances for your listings to receive reservations for this upcoming summer. Especially if you choose the channels that best meet your needs.

When signing up in Your.Rentals we will help you choose the best rental channels for your properties. Besides this, you don’t need to manage the different properties in every OTA, you can control all of them from a single platform. The services include messaging, synchronised calendars, listings, cancellation policies, and more. Find out all the benefits of using a Property Management Software


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