In this post we would like to highlight some elements that SHOULD always be included in the description.
We have to bear in mind that when a client looks for a vacation rental, he will expect to have all the information about the property. Therefore when writing a description and publishing images of a property it is very important to keep in mind that our user does not know us, and for that reason we must convey as much information as possible to transmit confidence in what the client is buying
What should be included in the description:
Location and the surroundings:
Some of the questions that the client might ask:
Where is it located? Is it close to anything interesting? Is the beach nearby? Are the mountains nearby? How far away are the supermarkets and shops? Are there any restaurants around? Is it located in a apartment complex? Is there transport to go to the airport nearby? How far away are the hospitals and the pharmacies? What activities can we do? Any golf courses?
We should try to answer all those questions, as you have all the information and the clients expect to have it available for them. If there any interesting place nearby, it is good to mention it, as it will be an added value to the property. If we know that there are companies that organize activities (for example excursions, family adventure activities, water parks etc.) it could be good to mention it as well.
It is also very important to list how many rooms the property has and show images of them.
Bedrooms: The number of beds in the bedrooms – are they double or single beds? Is there a sofabed? It is important to list the total number of beds in the property so that the client can make an informed decision.
Living room: Is the dining room in the living room? Is there a sofabed? Is there a television? Is there a dining table? If yes, for how many people?
Bathroom: How many bathrooms does the property have? Is it shower only or bathtub? Any of the bathrooms that are en-suite?
Kitchen: Is there an oven? Does it contain everything: Pots, pans, plates, glasses, cups, cutlery, table cloth? Is the fridge large or small?
Terrace: Is there a terrace? If yes, from which room do you access the terrace? Is there any furniture on the terrace (table and chairs)? Does it have views to the sea, the mountain, the street, the town etc.?
Air-condition: Is there air-condition? Are there fans? Is it central air-condition or only in some rooms? If there are fans, are they ceiling-fans or stand alone? Is there heating? Does the property have a chimney?
Garden and pool: Does the property have a garden and/or private pool? Does the property have a shared garden and/or pool? Are there any shared areas for the children? Is there a shared gym?
Pets: Are pets allowed? Is there any restrictions with regards to the pets allowed?
Stairs: Are there any stairs to climb inside or outside the property? How many floors is the property?
Is the water and electricity included in the price?
Cleaning facilities: Is there any cleaning service provided? Is this included in the price?
Is the property suitable for people with disabilities? Does a wheelchair fit?
Is there any extra costs to mention? Beach service, welcome basket etc.?