Great Vacation Rental Photography can make all the difference when it comes to attracting guests and receiving bookings. If you want to get the most out of your property, using a professional photographer is probably the best choice. However, there’s no need to break the bank – you can take good photos easily yourself by taking into account the following guidelines and tips.

1. Lighting

Probably the most common vacation rental photography mistake is poor lighting. It doesn’t matter how great your property is if no-one can see it! The right light is key in all kinds of photos, so make sure:

  1. To be careful with the white balance
  2. To take the photos during the day, open all blinds and curtains so you can take advantage of natural light.
  3. Avoid if possible using the flash so you get more of a natural effect.
  4. Be careful not to let direct sun light affect your photos.
  5. Use a tripod and a bright objective.

2. Wide angle

Whilst you can create take great photos yourself, some aspects of vacation rental photography are easier with specialist equipment. A wide-angle lens is the best option to take photographs and to guarantee a good end result. It shows more detail and can make rooms appear larger and more appealing to guests.

The lens can be either purchased on the internet or in specialised shops.
If your smart phone does not have a high enough resolution please avoid using it – it’s better to have fewer, high quality photos than lots of poor ones.

3. The angle of the photo

The whole point of vacation rental photography is so potential guests can picture themselves in your property (and enjoying their vacation!). Make sure to get the angle of the room as if taken from a point of view of someone entering.
Photos taken from other angles don’t always give the right impression.

4. Pay attention to details

vacation rental photography details

Your photographs are your guests’ first clue as to what you’ll be like as a host, so you want to make sure they give a good impression of your property and of you as a property manager. Regardless of whether you’re a property manager running a large chain, or an owner renting a spare room you want to make sure you look as professional as possible.

  • Avoid reflections caused by the flash (windows and mirrors)
  • Try to include all the details in the photograph, for example try to set the dinner table so it looks inviting.
  • Make sure that the bed covers are straightened and clean.
  • Avoid things that distracts the eye. For example, cleaning products, the rubbish bin, keys or papers.
  • Make sure the toilet seat is down!

5. Showing different angles of the same interior

vacation rental photography multiple angles

Take different photographs of the same interior but from different angles, giving a complete impression of the room.

There’s no need to go overboard – no-one wants to see a close up of every kitchen cupboard! But you want to help your guests to picture themselves in each room of your property, and the best way to do that is to give them an accurate impression of what it looks like.

6. Photograph of the facade of the property and landscape.

vacation rental photography exterior

As my mum always said, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. However, with vacation rental properties, you can’t ignore the importance of the exterior. Let your guests know what your property looks like from the outside (this will also help them locate it when they’re checking in). If the property has a garden, make sure to include the entire space that guests will have access to.

7. Renew the images

vacation rental photography update

Your photos should always show the property as guests would expect to find it. The photos should be renewed every two years to make sure they are up-to-date. If the photographs are good, you might not need to renew them, but you need to ensure that they always reflect the property.

Your.Rentals knows how important photos can be – that’s why we let you easily upload high quality photos and publish them on multiple vacation rentals websites. By following our vacation rental photography tips, you’ll be able to make your listing look great – and an eye-catching listing is the first step towards attracting guests!

Good luck and happy renting! 👍