When you put a lot of effort and energy into creating a cozy place for your guests, it can be frustrating to see that your vacation rental doesn’t drive that much interest. This is exactly where advertising comes in. Advertising your properties effectively can improve the visibility of your holiday home and provide you with a regular source of booking revenues. There are multiple ways to promote your properties, both online and offline – so where to start? Use these following tips to start your advertising strategy and get more bookings!

Advertise Your Properties Online

In our digital age, advertising on the Internet is crucial to improve the visibility of your vacation rental. We’ve gathered 5 top tips to help you advertise a holiday let online!

Take Care Of Your Website

Certainly, your website is the best place to start working on your online advertising strategy. Your website should at least display clear and up-to-date information about your vacation rental, as well as beautiful pictures illustrating them in a relevant way. Having great pictures of your properties is crucial and can play a fundamental role in increasing your bookings. It’s probably better to hire a professional photographer to do so – but you can also take good photos by yourself in just a few steps.

Having a good-looking website is great, but it’s far from being enough. You also want to make it functional and visible, so your guests can actually find it when they search for holiday homes, and you want them to be able to rent your property online. To do so, you first want to install a direct booking engine on your website. This will enable your visitors to chat with you and to book their stay on your page without having to find your property on sales channels. Then, to make your website more visible, you need to work on your SEO strategy in order to rank high on Google search engine results and beat your competitors. If you are not familiar with SEO and/or want to improve your skills in this area, read our tips about it in this article.

Promote Your Properties On Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to advertise your properties for free. Developing a clear social media strategy to improve the visibility of your vacation rental can make a real difference when it comes to attracting new guests. First of all, you need to define which social media you want to use. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… There are so many out there! But there is no need to use them all.

Which social media?

First you have to select some social media channels you want to focus on. To do so, you need to ask yourself three questions:

  • Which are the social media I am the most familiar with?

It could indeed be a waste of time and energy to start using a social media that you know absolutely nothing about.

  • Which are the best social media to advertise my property?

You don’t share the same content on Facebook and on Twitter. Instagram is the perfect place to display beautiful, high-quality pictures while Pinterest is mostly a hobby-sharing platform. Everything depends on the strategy and content you want to share!

  • Which social media are my guests mostly using?

Each user has his/her own favorite platform! According to Statista, Facebook is the most popular social media in Spain, in the US, and in Italy where it was used by 90.4% of online users in 2018. The number of French users is also expected to increase on this platform. Instagram is mostly used by younger people in the UK and in the US. Twitter is a good platform for marketers with an American audience aged between 25 to 34, and between 55 to 64. Adapt your strategy depending on your targeted audience!

What kind of content should I post?

First of all, it’s very important to post high quality photographs of your properties. Low quality pictures won’t help you attract people – the truth is, they would probably do the opposite. Show your property, show its latest decoration. Share news, updates, promote the experience of your guests, post photos that guests have shared with you… The possibilities are high! Don’t forget to use hashtags and location so people can find you more easily.

How often should I post?

The frequency of your post is a crucial aspect of your social media strategy. You want to develop your audience so posting regularly is a must. Don’t post too often though – you might annoy your audience! On Facebook, posting once per day is enough. On Instagram, the frequency of your posts doesn’t really matter – as long as you keep up the pace! If you start posting less than you previously did, your number of followers will decrease.

Should I interact on social media?

Social media is interactive. It’s not just about you and your property, it’s also about your guests. Talk to them, follow each other on social media and encourage your guests to tag you. Ask them to review you and then share their opinion on your pages. Join groups related to vacation rentals and property managers to share your experience and show your home. You might also receive negative review – don’t delete them! Show transparency by carefully answering them and move the conversation into private message.

Use A Channel Manager

Using a channel manager can help you advertise your properties online. With the rise of sales channels such as Airbnb, Booking.com or Tripadvisor, having a good channel manager which enables you to publish your listings on all the major sites is definitely an asset:

  • Firstly, your properties become more visible: your guests probably use different sites and it would be a pity to miss some of them just because you didn’t publish your listing on their favourite channel!
  • Secondly, it saves you time – goodbye manual updates on every channel!
  • Thirdly, it helps you rank high in search results.

Send Email Marketing Campaigns

An efficient way to receive more bookings and to promote your property is to contact your former guests regularly. Ask them if they are willing to receive the latest information about your properties by email, and start developing your email marketing strategy!

This email marketing strategy could take the form of a monthly newsletter in which you can for example mention your lowest prices (a good way to get more bookings during the low season!), share new pictures and updates about your property, share your newest guests’ reviews,… Again, the possibilities are high!

To organise effectively your email marketing campaigns, use a marketing automation platform such as Mailchimp, Moosend, ActiveCampaign, Zoho, among others.

Advertise Your Properties Offline

It is surely extremely important to advertise your properties on the Internet – but don’t forget the real world! Offline advertising is not dead and here are several tips to stand out from the competition by developing an effective offline advertising strategy.

Make Use Of Low Cost Ads

If you’re willing to spend some coins to improve your advertising strategy, you might want to use print ads. You can publish physically printed content in newspapers and magazines related to tourism or local lifestyle, for example, to reach your guests.

Be straight to the point, include basic information about your property such as the address, the price, information regarding the number of rooms and guests allowed, services and specific features included, and of course a link to your website or to a site where people can see photos of your holiday let. Include your email address or phone number to be reached by guests.

Start Networking And Developing Partnerships

Networking is a fantastic way to make people aware of your business and increase its visibility.

  • Find and attend events related to the vacation rental industry.
  • If your property is located in a touristic area, you might want to contact the tourist information centre. Maybe the tourists haven’t heard of your vacation rental yet and can discover it in a brochure that you have previously printed and left there!
  • Start networking with local businesses and develop partnerships to help each other increase your number of customers! You can add them on social media, include their logo on your website, etc.

Extra tip: Have your own business card! Include your name, contact details and information about your business on your card, and share it with your new partners. Ask your partners to put your business card at their customers’ disposal and leave their own business cards in your holiday home.

Conclusion: Use A Variety Of Different Techniques!

No matter which strategy you choose, advertising your properties is essential to get more bookings and attract more guests. Based on our tips, use a variety of different techniques to be efficient and adapt your strategy to your own business! Estimate the time and money you want and need to spend on it as well as the results you want to achieve. Give yourself monthly goals to reach and see how your strategy works!