These are some of the latest releases in Your.Rentals to make your life easier.

Your Listing Reference

Do you have your own listing reference names or numbers? Now we’ve made it much easier for you to see your listings in Your.Rentals with these names, instead of our system generated names.

Multi-listing Calendar

For Property Managers with more than one listing, it’s helpful that you can see availability across all of your listings at the same time. When you access the Calendar on desktop or tablet, you can choose the Multi-listing view. You’re then able to see the calendar for all of your listings at the same time, month by month. The calendar functions work the same in the Single-listing view.

Notifications and Upcoming bookings

On your Dashboard, you can now see Notifications of new bookings and Requests, as well as Upcoming Bookings to stay on top of your business.

Better support for mobile and tablets

We’ve completed our first phase of improving Your.Rentals for mobile and tablet browsers. Most functions are available even on mobile – with the exception of the Listing Builder and Editor which is not available from mobile phones or older tablets in portrait orientation.