A picture is worth a thousand words.

The high quality photos we show to our clients play an important role and it is proven that having high quality photos is the main component that directly influences the conversion rate.
Low quality images compared to a limited image gallery transmits lack of professionalism. If a potential client searches for a property and the client is asked to choose between one of the following two photos – which one do you think they would choose?
We would agree that the second image reflects the property better than the first image. If you were looking for accommodation, how would you like the pictures to be?
The images are the first thing that a client sees and based on that they can choose to know more about the property or completely discard it. You might have an excellent property, but if the image quality and quantity are not high, this could affect your conversion rate.
Below is an infographic of why visual content is so important. If you want to see the complete infographic you can do so here