With January quickly approaching, it is soon time to say goodbye to 2019 and to welcome a promising new year, both for property managers and for Your.Rentals.

Indeed, the vacation rental industry is still going strong, with an expected 3% increase in the number of tourism departures in the coming year and a booming short-term rental market. Now seems to be a perfect time for you to attract many more guests and get many more bookings!

And as the vacation rental industry is flourishing, so are we. 2019 marked the third anniversary of Your.Rentals. Thanks to you, we have continued our growth. We are now counting more than 45 employees from 15 different nationalities who are every day working hard to find new ways to meet your needs and to make it easier for your to manage your rental business.

During this last year, we have done our best to get closer to you, to understand you better, and to develop our features so they can match your expectations. Our customers are the reason we exist, which is why we would like to take the time to say thank you and highlight how you enabled us to improve our services in the past year. We’ll also give you a glimpse at our upcoming plans for 2020!

“We strive to be a high-touch company”

A short review from Your.Rentals CEO, Andrew Martyn

“In 2019, we celebrated our third birthday, and like a toddler we’re now running around excitedly. Our amazing growth has continued, all thanks to our excellent customers and our wonderful team. We have launched the first part of our Direct bookings suite (meaning Your.Rentals customers can now receive bookings straight from their guests), and we are testing our Integrated website product with a great response so far.

We pride ourself on our customer support, so it’s great to see that our Customer Support and Key Account management teams are consistently achieving a very high rating from our customers.

We have new channels and a better connectivity to them. One of the things I most enjoy is that I have had the chance to meet more of our customers face to face and to learn more about your businesses this year. I’m also happy that through all of this growth, we have managed to keep our service offering easy to understand and simple to use. That is our core value and promise. We strive to get great results for our customers. We want to be a high-touch company, always there to help you achieve your goals. I am very excited about 2020. It is a year in which we aim to grow our service offering to save you more time – whether you are an owner with 1 property or a manager with 50 or more.”

Reflecting our customers’ needs and expectations

A big part of our journey in 2019 was ensuring that what we offer is in line with what you want and need from us.

We have reassessed our visual identity to convey a consistent message representing who we are as a business and what our customers want and expect. Whether that’s in our emails, on our website or inside the Your.Rentals software itself, we wanted to make sure everything looks awesome and speaks to you in a consistent, effective way.

We’ve simplified our pricing to make it clear exactly what you’re getting for your money. We’ve also listened to our business customers to develop a pricing model that fits your scale and unique needs. If you’ve got 5 or more properties, why not chat to us about custom pricing?

As we want to be more helpful and educational, we have focused on our articles and blog as a learning place for vacation rental managers. Our sales and account teams have worked closely with our customers, helping them to use our products to grow and improve their business. No matter where they are from, we made sure that property managers get the best services available by improving our support for different languages.

All of these efforts will be continued in 2020 to learn more about you and to develop products and features in line with your needs.

“We have been working very hard this last year to be able to meet the needs of our customers and to represent what you want and expect from us. We wanted to understand you better, and progressively we have built closer relationships with you. We joined various events all around the world to meet you and to get a better understanding of the industry to be more in line with your needs. This has deeply affected the way we designed our products and website.

We’re also mindful of the social impact we can have as a company. This year we tried to get more involved in our local communities to reinforce our bonds, as team members, and to develop our relations with people. Our team in Hanoi has created their own football team which competes locally against other companies, and in Sweden we took part in a race called Malmöloppet. It was a great way for us to feel part of this wonderful city we call home – even if the weather was truly terrible!”

Dan Johnson, Communication Manager

Improved connectivity

A better understanding of our customers first resulted in the improvement of our channel connectivity. In 2019, we offered you more transparency by showing the accurate status of each listing and by reducing technical booking errors. The number of channels available for our customers grew as well, now especially counting Expedia, Cozystay, Cozycozy and 100rooms, among others.

Coming in 2020…

At the very end of 2019, we started to work with Expedia to offer you the possibility to list your properties on this channel. We are very excited to roll out our connection with Expedia to all users soon and to add more new channels in the coming year! We are also going to add better support for multi-unit properties: if you own a building with several apartments or units, these can be sent to the channels as one property with multiple bookable units, to improve your visibility.

Better user experience

After meeting you, we understood that one of your major concerns was the reliance on the major sales channels. We know how important it is for you to diversify your revenue streams and have controls over the bookings you receive. Therefore, we introduced new direct booking capabilities, enabling you to receive direct bookings directly from your guests. Two features have been developed so far: a direct booking offer and a direct booking widget that you can add to your own website to enable your guests to book directly from there and to avoid paying channel commission. We’ve also started testing an integrated website feature which we’re hoping to launch next year!

We also partnered with AirDNA to develop Insights. This uses rich data to give you the tools to better understand your market by showing how you and your competitors are performing.

Coming in 2020…

Improving our user experience is crucial for us which is why we want to further develop these two tools. We want to offer the possibility for our users to create their own website on Your.Rentals, so that you can synchronise property content, rates and calendars, and receive direct bookings and online payments from guests. We also want to provide you with more insights by helping you get your rates right, through a dynamic pricing option. Keep a lookout for more info on this in 2020!

We’ve got your back!

Throughout these three years, we aimed at helping you grow and develop. This was, is and will continue to be our main goal in the years to come. We want to provide you with an even faster service and to make sure to support you as much as possible with your listings and bookings. We are looking forward to entering 2020 with you to make your business a success!

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Happy New Year from everyone at Your.Rentals!

Thanks for making 2019 great – let’s make 2020 even better!