Save 15% with Direct Bookings

And get closer to your guest

No more intermediations

Receive bookings directly from guests

No sales channel commission

Pay only a 5% Service fee per booking*

Tailor made offers

Set custom offers and prices

One to one communication

Communicate directly with your guest

Secure payment

Let Your.Rentals handle guest payments

No sales channel commission means a bigger payout for you!

With Direct Bookings you don’t pay any Sales Channel Commission.
You only pay Your.Rentals’ service fee.
Learn more about fees & pricing here.

Regular Booking though OTA

Guest pays
  • Booking Fee €15
  • Service Fee €5
  • Your payout €80

Guest pays
Booking Fee
Service Fee
Your payout
Direct Booking
Regular Booking through OTA
Booking fee (covers sales channel commission, credit card fees, bank fees)
Service fee* (covers your use of our software)

Offer Direct Bookings to your
website visitors

As well as a Channel Manager, Your.Rentals offers Direct Booking features.

Direct Bookings allow you to receive bookings straight from your guest – no need for a sales channel or OTA, and no sales channel commission!

Respond to website, email, Facebook or phone enquiries by letting your guests book directly with you – all from your Your.Rentals account.

Communicate directly with your guests via Your.Rentals

Message your guests directly! Discuss arrival information with your guest or make changes to the booking using our messaging system.

Offer custom deals and personalised pricing

Encourage your guests to book directly with you by offering different pricing for Direct and Sales Channel bookings.

Secure Payment via Your.Rentals

Guests book securely with Your.Rentals’ flexible payment options.
Receive your payout directly to your bank or PayPal account.

Get those all-important repeat bookings

Invite previous guests to stay with you again by offering them personalised Direct Booking offers.

The technical stuff:

How does it work?
When guests want to book your property, provide them with a Direct Booking link! They’ll be able to book and pay securely through Your.Rentals’ encrypted online booking platform.
You’ll be able to communicate directly with your guests through your Your.Rentals account.
The booking dates will be blocked in your calendar on all the websites you use!
What do I need to do?
Sign up to Your.Rentals and publish your property listings! Send offers and provide your guests a Direct Booking link through your Your.Rentals account.
How much does it cost?
We don’t charge sales channel commissions on Direct Bookings. You only pay the Your.Rentals service fee. No hidden costs, no subscription!
What does the service fee include?
Your.Rentals service fee covers all the costs associated with handling and processing the payment. We also take responsibility for collecting the payment on your behalf so there is no risk to you in cases of fraudulent bookings or declined payments.

* 5% for Personal Plan, 8% for Business Plan and 10% for PRO Plan

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