Pay per booking, no monthly fees.

Rather than managing accounts, payouts and commissions for each channel, do everything from Your.Rentals and pay a simple fee per booking.


Recommended for private owners.

€0 monthly fee
5% Service fee
15% Booking fee*

Get your payout 24 hours after guest checks in.


Recommended for growing agencies.

€0 monthly fee
8% Service fee
15% Booking fee*

Get your payout up to 30 days before guest checks-in.**

PRO Plan

Best for large agencies.

€0 monthly fee
10% Service fee
15% Booking fee*

Get your payout up to 60 days before guest checks-in.**

*  Service and Booking fees cover the costs of sales channel commissions, payment and payout processing fees and the costs of operating our platform. Fees include applicable VAT. Read more >

** Payout before check-in requires a verified business account.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions before you create an account.  If you'd like to dig into the details, please visit our Help Centre.

Is there an initial payment to sign-up?

No, Your.Rentals is free to use including uploading and publishing your listings. You will only pay the fees defined above per confirmed booking you receive through Your.Rentals.

Do I need a website?

No you don't. You don't need to have a website to create listings in Your.Rentals and publish them on 40+ sales channels. Sign-up for an account today.

Do I need an account on each sales channel to publish my listings?

No, you don't. Unlike many other Property Management Systems, you don't need to create an account on each Sales Channel to publish your listings and accept online bookings. You simply need to select the sales channels you wish to publish your listings on in Your.Rentals Channel Manager, and we'll take care of the rest.

Can I upgrade or change my plan after signing up?

Yes.  All accounts are Personal Plan unless you apply for a Business or Pro Plan account. You choose your listing type (Instant Booking or Request Booking) for each listing when publishing, and may change this at any time.

Can I choose the sales channels I want to publish my listing?

Yes, you can. You may set each of our 30+ sales channels to ON or OFF using the Channel Manager. You can select sales channels for ALL of your listings, or for EACH of your listings separately.

Do I need to sync the calendar in each sales channel?

Your.Rentals allows you to publish your listings on more than 30 sales channels without needing to establish accounts on these sites.  If your listing is published on a Sales channel via Your.Rentals, we'll ensure the calendar on that Sales channel is updated in real time.

If you use a central calendar (fx. Google Calendar) or already have listings published via your own account on certain sites, you can use our Calendar sync to ensure bookings are automatically updated between your calendars.

We are a company working as a professional Property Manager, do I need to pay extra?

No, you don't. Ensure you register as a "Company" account so that VAT rules can be applied correctly. Then upload as many listings as you would like. There are no limits.

Can I decide which guests will stay at my property?

Yes. If you publish your listings as Booking Request, you will have the opportunity to approve each pre-paid request to stay at your property. You'll receive an SMS and Email each time a guest requests to stay at your property and have 24 hours to Accept or Decline the request.

Do my guests pay any fees when booking?

No. We deduct our fees from your Gross rates (price to guest) or add to your requested payout amount (Net rates). Some sales channels may add a guest booking fee which we have no control over.  Read more about setting rates and how we calculate your payouts >.

Don't Be Shy

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