Simple pricing.

No subscription, no commitment.
Pay a simple fee per booking.

It’s all included
  • All sales channel commissions
  • Unlimited listings
  • Unlimited channels
  • Bank & credit card charges
  • Guest support service
  • Payout 24 hours after check in

*Some banks may apply fees to Non-EU customers

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How our pricing works

No flat fees, just a percentage per booking.
We only make money when you make money.

We collect a 5% service fee to cover our costs, plus a 15% booking fee that covers all the sales channel commissions, bank payments and transaction fees.


Service Fee
per booking

That includes:

  • Unlimited listings
  • Unlimited channels
  • Guest Support Service
  • Use of Your.Rentals software


Booking Fee
per booking

That includes:

All sales channel commissions

Bank & credit card charges

*Some banks may apply fees to Non-EU customers

Having only one fee to cover all channels is an amazing asset for me and my company.

Toke Torkelsen
Property Manager, Thailand

How much will I earn?

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Guest pays

Service fee 5%

– €5

Covers the use of the software


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Booking fee 15%

– €15

Covers all sales channels
commissions, bank and credit
card fees

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