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Manage your Direct Bookings with a simple click.

Are you managing direct bookings using manual processes today?

By using Your.Rentals to manage your direct bookings, you can save on average 3 hours per booking and deliver a much better guest experience!

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Simplify your booking operations

Instead of doing contracts via email, collecting payments manually and managing cancellations, changes and upsells manually, just use Your.Rentals.

Professional guest experience

Each guest will accept your terms and conditions, pay online and have a clear cancellation policy for their booking. Communication is professional, including your automated messages. Our support team takes care of payments support, so you can focus on the guest experience.

Offer each guest something special

You’ll choose the price, discounts and cancellation policy when you send a Direct Booking Offer so you can customise each request to maximise conversion.

Simple to use

When a guest requests to book your property, simply specify the details in the Direct Booking Offer form, and we’ll take care of the rest! It couldn’t be easier.

Big benefits for each booking

With each direct booking that you process via Your.Rentals, you can do away with manual work, additional costs and using multiple software systems. See below the list of what’s included in every Your.Rentals direct booking.
Gain more time and save fees

Included in each Your.Rentals direct booking

  • Send a customized offer to each guest in a clear and professional manner.
  • Guests can conveniently accept our booking terms and conditions online.
  • Payments are securely handled by Your.Rentals, and we diligently manage refunds in case of cancellations.
  • Enjoy a seamless experience with professional online confirmations and a user-friendly booking page.
  • If subscribed, you have the option to receive your payout in advance.
  • Our inbox enables direct communication with guests, including automated messages.
  • Enhance your guests’ experience by automatically offering additional services.
  • With Your.Cover, security deposits become a thing of the past for all direct bookings.
  • In Spain, the guest registration is handled automatically.
  • Following the stay, we automatically collect guest reviews and post them to supporting channels.
  • Simplify your vacation rental management with everything in one place.

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Direct booking questions

What you need to know about direct bookings with Your.Rentals.

How much do I pay for each Direct Booking?

You only pay our service fee (depending on the plan you choose) on a completed Direct booking. If the guest cancels, there are no fees to you. Included in this price are all the features above, merchant and other payment fees, Your.Cover and lots more.