No more double bookings

Calendar Sync

Forget about booking cancellations with two-way Calendar Sync.

Use Your.Rentals to publish your listing on dozens of different vacation rental websites and OTAs

Your availability will be updated on every site when you receive a booking

Accurate availability everywhere

Let guests know exactly when your property is available by updating your calendar on every website whenever you receive a booking

Real-time updates

Take it easy. Your property calendars update automatically so you never need to check multiple sites. Your.Rentals is a one-stop shop for all your calendar management needs.

Import & Export

Import your dates to Your.Rentals from another site. We’ll send them to all your connected channels so you won’t risk double bookings.

Want to keep using your existing calendar? That’s fine too. Just Export your Your.Rentals calendar and all your bookings from every site will be added.

Centralise all your bookings

Manual bookings &
blocked dates

Offline bookings? Piece of cake. Add them in Your.Rentals and we’ll update your calendar everywhere.
Need to close your calendar for a while? No problem. Block dates or close your calendar when your property is unavailable so you never need to turn down a booking.

Sync you existing calendars

Already managing your calendar on another site? Use iCal to seamlessly integrate your booking info.

Let’s get started

You dont need to pay anything, no credit card required, we only win when you get paid for your bookings.