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Channel Manager

Expand Your Reach and Boost Your Bookings

Your.Rentals offers a top-notch native channel manager, connecting your listings directly to over 50 popular booking sites. As a trusted partner with, Vrbo, Airbnb, and Expedia, we not only connect your listings but also provide valuable insights to boost your ranking across channels.
Listing Builder

Crafting the Ideal Listing

In this competitive market, standing out is vital. With Your.Rentals, your listing won’t just be another property; it’ll be an experience that attracts guests. Thanks to our close collaborations with OTAs, we offer superior listing builder and OTA integrations.

Smart Rates

Setting Competitive Rates

Remember the fluctuating airline ticket prices? Use that to your advantage? With Your.Rentals, you no longer have to stick to annual rate updates. Our Smart Rates feature embedded in our platform helps you stay competitive. Set your minimum rate and choose a pricing strategy, and let us do the rest.

Direct Bookings

Hassle-Free Direct Bookings

Direct booking processing has never been easier. Simply complete a direct booking via Your.Rentals, send the offer to your guest, and leave the rest to us.

Welcome to a new era of maximizing your property’s potential with Your.Rentals.

Werner Putzer

“It’s a great add on helping us sell the apartment better, as it probably doubles the turnover we would have gotten otherwise without it.”

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