Minut noise monitoring

Protect your rentals.

Intercept parties before they become a nuisance and keep your neighbours happy, whilst still respecting your guests’ privacy and enhancing their experience.

Monitor noise, temperature, occupancy and motion with MINUT sensors.



One monitoring solution

Keep an eye on noise levels, temperature, and occupancy from anywhere in the world. Automate your guest communication and resolve issues faster with Minut sensor.

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Prevent parties, avoid damage

Intercept parties with Minut’s camera-free noise monitoring system and crowd detection. Minut doesn’t listen to or record conversations, ensuring guest privacy.

Protect your property

Monitor motion, temperature, humidity, and the risk level of mould in the home. Receive a timely alert when there is water leakage, heating or AC is left on after check-out, or unexpected movement in your properties.

Keep your neighbours happy

Send automated SMS and auto-call to guests when their sound level exceeds the noise threshold. Avoid any neighbour complaints.

Improve guest experience

Track temperature and humidity to give your guests a 5-star experience.

Easy installation and maintenance

Get your Minut sensor up and running in minutes. No tools are required. Place the sensor where it fits your property best; on the ceiling or the wall, in the living room or hallway.

Grow your business

Stand out from your competition providing peace of mind to your home owners and new customers.


Own a MINUT sensor?

Connect it directly to your Your.Rentals account with no extra cost.

You get all the benefits from the integration between Your.Rentals and Minut, and you can also download reports if you want to share the noise levels with your guests, neighbours, or property owners.


Exclusive pricing

Receive your first MINUT sensor free of charge.

Monthly subscription:
€15 per home, billed annually