I’m not a hotel, should I give my Airbnb a name?

Hotels share listings on online travel agencies (OTAs) just like everyone else. You, as a host or property manager, can compete with hotels. If you have multiple listings and multiple properties, you can have as good of a branding as a hotel. Which starts with a carefully selected business name.
If you have a multi-region, multi-country presence you need brand associations, just like McDonalds. First and foremost you need to name your business that is suitable for the brand you want to establish.

The difference between ‘listing title’ and ‘Airbnb name’

‘Listing title’ and ‘Airbnb name’ are mixed up lots of times, but there is a notable difference between them.
The ‘listing title’ on Airbnb allows you to use up to 50 characters to describe your rental property, typically by highlighting its most compelling features. An example of this might be:

  • Brookman Town Homes – 2 bedrooms in Donnybrook

This listing title is good in terms of branding because it has the Airbnb name included (Brookman Town Homes), describes how many bedrooms it has, and where it is situated. For more information on creating excellent listing titles, you can refer to our guide on Best Airbnb Titles.

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In contrast, ‘Airbnb name’ is a unique identifier you choose for your business which plays a crucial part in branding your vacation rental.

Once you come up with a suitable and memorable Airbnb name, you might consider using the same name for social media as well as for your website.

The ‘listing title’ as you can see has to be more specific, but when it comes to the ‘Airbnb name’, you can be more creative. We advise you to include your Airbnb name in your listing title, so it aligns with the other branding of your vacation rental business.

How do I name my Airbnb business?

  • Find a name that is short, simple, and easy to remember.
  • Use a hook, a triggering word that will emphasise your property’s unique features, such as location, property type, etc.
  • Highlight the unique qualities of your home such as location/property type/atmosphere, etc.
  • Look at other listings’ Airbnb names to get inspired.
  • When feeling out of ideas, use an Airbnb name generator to begin the brainstorming process.
  • Make sure the name is unique and it isn’t already used by someone else.
  • Check if the selected domain name is available for your future website.

You can also choose to name your property based on popular search queries of guests, such as location + type of property. This seems to be a top naming option for brands in the hospitality industry.

For instance, Malaga Rentals, Paris Conciergerie could be the base of your business name. To spice it up, add an extra emotional/trigger word that will help you to convey the atmosphere/vibe of your property: chic, dream, luxury, etc.

You can name your property based on:

  1. Location
  2. Property type
  3. Niche (i.e.: Eco-friendly properties)
  4. Niche (i.e.: high-quality properties)

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1. Airbnb name ideas based on location

Location-based name ideas are a great way to attract potential guests, especially those who prioritize the proximity of the property to certain landmarks, attractions, or neighborhoods. Incorporating the location of your listing into its name can be a powerful branding tool that conveys a sense of identity, uniqueness, and locality.

Including the location in your brand can greatly increase organic traffic to your website, especially when potential guests are searching for rental homes in that specific market.

Consider whether your business will cater to properties in a specific city district, region, or country. This decision should be reflected in your Airbnb name.

Here are some examples of location-based name ideas that could spark inspiration for your own Airbnb listing:

  1. London Loft Living
  2. Manchester Metropolitan Stays
  3. Birmingham Boutique Homes
  4. Liverpool Luxury Lettings
  5. Oxford Oak Abodes
  6. Cambridge Cosy Corners
  7. Bristol Bricklane Homes
  8. Leeds Luxury Lofts
  9. Edinburgh Elegant Estates
  10. Glasgow Grand Flats
  11. Cardiff Comfort Homes
  12. Belfast Beautiful Bungalows
  13. Nottingham Nightingale Nests
  14. Sheffield Stylish Stays
  15. York Yorkshire Homes
  16. Newcastle Northern Nooks
  17. Leicester Luxury Lofts
  18. Coventry Comfort Corners
  19. Wolverhampton Wonder Homes
  20. Sunderland Stylish Suites
  21. Portsmouth Perfect Places
  22. Stoke-on-Trent Stellar Stays
  23. Reading Regal Residences
  24. Preston Premier Properties
  25. Derby Dream Dwellings
  26. Southampton Sea-view Suites
  27. Bradford Boutique Bungalows
  28. Brighton Beachfront Homes
  29. Kingston-upon-Hull Heavenly Havens
  30. Exeter Elegant Estates

2. Airbnb branding by property type

Naming your Airbnb business after the property type can help potential guests to immediately identify what to expect from the accommodation, streamlining their decision-making process.
For instance, terms like ‘cottage’, ‘bungalow’, ‘condo’, or ‘villa’ provide instant insights into the size and style of the property. Check for more categories in the Airbnb categories list:

Additionally, a property-type name can boost visibility of your Airbnb listing in search results, as guests often use property types in their searches. Hence, this could lead to an increased booking rate, enhancing the occupancy of your Airbnb business.

List of names based on property type:

  1. Cityscape Lofts
  2. Eden Cottages
  3. Serenity Villas
  4. Beachfront Bungalows
  5. Riverside Chalets
  6. Heavenly Huts
  7. Woodland Cabins
  8. Country Courtyard Homes
  9. Skyline Apartments
  10. Coastal Condos
  11. Suburban Suites
  12. Downtown Dwellings
  13. Vintage Victorian Homes
  14. Crystal Clear Caravans
  15. Majestic Mansions
  16. Elegant Estates
  17. Tranquil Townhouses
  18. Seaside Studios
  19. Rustic Retreats
  20. Fantastic Farmhouses
  21. Highland Houses
  22. Luxurious Lodges
  23. Peaceful Penthouses
  24. Cozy Cottages
  25. Scenic Shacks
  26. Modernist Mansions
  27. Artistic Apartments
  28. Boutique Bungalows
  29. Charming Chalets
  30. Dainty Duplexes

3. Eco-Friendly Airbnb names

As society moves towards a more sustainable future, it’s no surprise that eco-tourism is on the rise. If your Airbnb is environmentally friendly and you want to stress that in your listing name, then your Airbnb name should reflect that too.

  1. Green Haven
  2. Sustainable Solitude
  3. Eco-Refuge
  4. Green Getaways
  5. Bio Bliss Bungalows
  6. Conscious Cottages
  7. Planet-Friendly Apartments
  8. Leafy Lanes Lodgings
  9. Eco Nest Homes
  10. Gaia’s Grace Stays
  11. Earthy Embrace BnB
  12. Harmony Homes Airbnb
  13. Nature Niche Residences
  14. Terra Tones Guest Homes
  15. Eco Elegance Apartments
  16. Green Gables BnB
  17. Eco Escape Residences
  18. Clean Green Living Spaces
  19. Tranquil Trees Airbnb
  20. Nature Nook Apartments
  21. Green Glow Homes
  22. Olive Orchard BnB
  23. Eco Eden Airbnb
  24. Leafy Luxury Lodgings
  25. Green Groove Getaways
  26. Earthy Estate Residences
  27. Sustainability Suites
  28. Blossom Bliss BnB
  29. Eco-Efficiency Apartments
  30. Nature Nest Holiday Homes.

These names give off the message that your guests can escape to a place of serenity while also doing their part for the planet. Don’t be afraid to get creative with niche names like these ones. By using names like these, you can attract guests who care about sustainability and stand out from other listings in the area.

4. Airbnb names for high-quality properties

If your Airbnb listing is all about luxurious living, make sure potential guests know it through its name.

  1. Grandiose Getaway
  2. Luxury Loft
  3. Opulent Oasis
  4. Regal Retreat Residences
  5. Luxury Lush Living
  6. Penthouse Paradise
  7. Lavish Luxury Lodges
  8. Chic Haven
  9. Glamorous Getaway
  10. Deluxe Dwelling
  11. Classy Castle
  12. Exquisite Estates
  13. Luxury Lounge
  14. Refined Residence
  15. Superior Sojourn
  16. Grandiose Grounds
  17. Majestic Mansion
  18. Supreme Standard Spaces
  19. Remarkable Residence
  20. Stunning Sanctuary
  21. Sublime Suite
  22. Elite Enclave
  23. Magnificent Manor
  24. Upscale Oasis
  25. Radiant Retreat
  26. Sophisticated Spots
  27. Elite Estates
  28. Superior Suites
  29. Vibrant Villas
  30. Quality Quarters

Ultimately, when choosing a niche-focused name for your Airbnb listing, make sure it reflects what distinguishes it from other properties in its category while also being catchy and memorable enough to attract the attention of your potential guests.

Airbnb naming Don’ts

When naming your Airbnb, be careful about the following:

  • Avoid using excessively long names for your holiday rental.
  • Steer clear of incorporating unusual or controversial vocabulary into your Airbnb name.
  • Refrain from using clichéd descriptors such as ‘cozy’ and ‘beautiful’.

Tips on using your Airbnb business name

Your short-term rental name should be versatile to be used in many places. 

Branded direct booking pages

When you list on Airbnb, all booking is handled by and through Airbnb. If you want to get direct bookings, meaning you do not want to pay commissions to anyone when receiving a booking, you can do that by creating a direct booking website. You can either build a website on your own or hire someone to make it for you.

At Your.Rentals, you can choose a professionally designed website template and adjust it to your needs so it reflects your brand. This way, you will own the website domain (which preferably has the name of your business) and can get bookings directly without paying any commissions to OTAs.

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When you name your business always keep in mind the domain name too. If you come up with a name, check whether that domain name is still available or not.

If yes, great! If not, you might consider changing your business name, so the domain and your brand’s name are in harmony. Just as the business name, the domain name will last for a long time therefore it is key to pick the right ones from the beginning.

Social media accounts

Youtube short-term rentals strategy

Social media is key in branding your business online. Hence, it is crucial for you to be present on as many social media platforms as possible. The more platform you are available on the wider audience you will reach. Every platform is a bit different and has its unique feature that will help you target your audience in different ways.

A Youtube channel can help you to showcase your top properties and the surroundings of your rental properties through videos. This can be used to enrich your listing pages on Airbnb also.
Once you have a business name for your Airbnb, make sure to use that name in each Youtube title on your channel dedicated to vacation rentals.

Instagram, TikTok, Facebook

Use your business name when setting up an account on any of these platforms. This way the guests will associate your properties with your brand name.

If you want to learn more about social media and branding, check out our article: Social Media marketing strategy.



Crafting a memorable name for your vacation rental property is a pivotal aspect of your branding strategy.

The perfect name should be short, simple, and distinctive, encapsulating the unique attributes of your property and raising the interest of potential guests.

You can draw inspiration from your property’s location, its luxurious or eco-friendly features, or its unique charm. However, it’s important to steer clear of clichéd descriptors, controversial vocabularies, or excessively long names. With the right name, your Airbnb can stand out in a saturated market, attracting more guests and enhancing your rental business’s success.