Are towels really that important? They might seem a minor issue compared to other things you face daily as a host, but these are just as crucial to the success of your vacation rental business. So it is important to find the best option both for the guests and the hosts.

What to consider when choosing a towel for Airbnb?

There are several factors you have to consider when choosing a towel for your Airbnb. Factors such as colour, comfort, material, quality, and last but not least, quantity. Scroll down, and let’s dive deeper into the topic.

What colour towels are best for Airbnb?

One of the most debated topics when it comes to towels for a short-term rental, is the colour. There is no clear answer to whether white or colourful towels are the best for your Airbnb. It is a debatable topic among hosts, since many swear by white towels other hosts prefer to have them in darker colours. Every option has its pros and cons, that we collected below so every host can see the advantages and disadvantages of these choices and in the end decide what works best for them.

White towels for short-term rentals

White towels

Advantages of white towels in vacation rentals

Many hosts swear by white towels, because they are easy to clean, especially if you use bleach. Plus, many guests prefer white towels because they can clearly see the material, check for stains, and be sure that the towels they are provided with are clean.

Disadvantages of white towels in vacation rentals

On a white towel every stain is very visible, it gets dirty easily, so the case might be that you have to change them more often, or buy completely new ones because you’re unable to remove the stains.

Coloured towels for short-term rentals

Coloured towels

Advantages of coloured towels in vacation rentals

Coloured towels, especially darker ones do not show stains that easily as white ones would. That might mean that you do not have to give them extra cleaning to cover the stains, and do not have to replace them that often.

Disadvantages of coloured towels in vacation rentals

Coloured towels tend to fade after a while, especially if you wash them regularly. When the colour of the towel has faded, it can create a worn, ragged, dirty effect that might not result in a good review from the guest.

Comfort is key: best towel materials for Airbnb

It is important to choose quality materials because they will last longer, and even though they cost a bit more, they will save you money in the long run.

The material that most hosts choose from are:

  • Egyptian cotton (not too thick, but absorbent, and dries easily)
  • Turkish cotton (long fibers, dries quickly)
  • Bamboo fiber (thick and absorbent)

Durability Matters: low-quality towels are a waste of money

Being a host on Airbnb, you might be inclined to cut costs by opting for towels of lower quality. However, this can end up being more costly over time. Frequent use and washing can quickly wear out these towels, leaving your guests with scratchy and thin linens that are hardly absorbent.

Such discomfort for your guests could ruin their overall experience. Investing in high-quality towels may seem like a bigger expense at the time, but it will pay off in the long run.

These towels will stand several washes without losing their quality, ensuring your guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

What is the appropriate amount of towels for your vacation rental?

It is crucial to provide your guests with a sufficient amount of towels. When calculating, you have to consider the type of towel and frequency of use.

Bath towels

We recommend that you provide 1 bath towel per guest and have at least 2 backups for each guest.

Hand towels

Since hand towels are used most, you need to have more backups from this type. At once, it is enough to have 1 in every bathroom, but have at least 5 backups in a storage that the guests can easily access.


Washcloths might be used several times a day, so we recommend providing 1 per guest and having 3 backups per guest.

Based on the length of the guest’s stay these amounts can vary.

Tip: If your guests do not have access to a washing machine during their stay, provide them with more backups so they won’t lack these important essentials.

Tips on how to clean towels

It is important to carefully pick the towels with extra focus on quality, but their maintenance is just as important as it ensures their quality and can prevent regular expenses.

Washing machine with towels
  1. When washing do not use too much detergent, because the towels tend to get rough and coarse when overusing the detergent.
  2. The same applies to fabric softener.
  3. In case of white towels, use bleach to remove the stains.
  4. The ideal temperature to wash towels is at 40-60 Celsius, no more. It will be enough to kill the bacteria and at the same time keep the softness of the towels.
  5. For makeup stains – use makeup remover first and wipe them through with it before washing them in the washing machine.

Where to buy towels for Airbnb?

For different countries, the choices may vary depending on what suppliers are available to you. We collected examples of stores where you can purchase excellent towels for your vacation rentals in different countries within Europe.


If your vacation rental is based in Italy, you have several stores to choose from.

Martini & Pari

Martini & Pari offers various kinds of linens, including towels. Their products have good quality and a fair price.

They offer white cotton towels in sets of 3, including one bath towel, one hand towel, and one face towel at a reasonable price (from) 7,55 € + VAT. They offer possibilities for hosts with lower and higher budgets as well.

If you feel like white towels are not the ones you are looking for, don’t worry, you have plenty of options to choose from at Martini & Pari. You can choose from more than 15+ different colours.
The coloured ones come in sets as well, but a set of two: one bath towel and one hand towel. The measurements may vary from the white towels’ measurements.

All set of two from the coloured towels can be purchased for 3,99 € + VAT.


If you are looking for a more luxurious option that will help you equip your luxurious vacation rental with quality towels, Frette is definitely your go-to store.

They offer 100% cotton quality towels that are mainly made in Italy. The price range they move in is depending on the size and type of towel and can be between 40 – 340 €/towel.

They offer both white and coloured towels, however, their selection predominantly includes white towels and white or beige towels with coloured embroidery.
They do not sell the towels in sets, you need to purchase them separately.

Best white 100% cotton bath towel (76x147cm) option with the lowest price:

Quality white towel set



If your vacation rental is based in France, MOST could be a great option for you to purchase quality towels at for your vacation rental.

They offer soft towels made out of organic cotton with an ideal thickness. They come in several colours and in 4 sizes, sizes that you might need in your home rental.

The towels are available to purchase separately, and their prices range from 10 – 60 €.

MOST coloured towels set
MOST white towels

Serviette de bain blanche en coton bio



If you are based in Greece, Pennie might be an exquisite option for you. They offer different products from towels, to mattresses to other kinds of textiles.
They have a hotel collection, where white cotton towels start from 1.09 €, now with a 25% discount.

They offer hand, face, bath, and beach towels, the price increases based on the size of the towel. The bigger the towel, the higher the price. They also offer the towels in different colours, so everyone can choose what suits best for them.

Pennie white towel set


This type is available in 10 more colours on their website, the prices are mostly the same but may vary in case of larger towels.

These examples above could be great choices if you need to get new towels for your vacation rental. But if you have any other store preferences where you usually purchase towels for your vacation rental, please feel free to share them with us in the comments.

Or if you find these options are not suitable for you, choose any other store that is convenient for you, but consider the suggestions we give you above on material, colour, quality, and quantity in order to ensure a good guest experience.


All in all, the selection of towels for your vacation rental property is a significant decision what hinges on various factors. From colour to material choice, each carries its own significance in order to ensure a comfortable stay for your guest. Navigating these choices in an effective way can significantly enhance your guest’s experience, showcasing your commitment to their comfort and hygiene.