AS remote work style is becoming more popular, so many hosts are looking for ways to do the remote Airbnb management of their short-term rentals. In this blog, we’ll explore the ins and outs of remote management for Airbnb hosts, share a guidebook template, and offer tips and best practices to ensure your property thrives — all from a distance.

What is remote short-term rental management?

Remote Airbnb property management refers to the practice of handling the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of a rental property from a remote location.

Remote property managers use technology and digital tools to handle tasks such as:

  • rent collection
  • lease agreements
  • maintenance & cleaning coordination
  • tenant communication.

They also ensure adherence to applicable local, state, and federal regulations when needed.

How to successfully manage an Airbnb remotely?

Managing a rental property remotely can be challenging, but there are ways to simplify the process. Here we will mention some of the key points you should consider before you start to delegate tasks.

Vacation Brand management

Think about the overall essence of your vacation rentals brand. Are you ready to delegate sensitive tasks that directly affect the perceived guest value of your rentals? Guest value is what you build your brand upon

When delegating tasks, it’s generally simpler to assign those that don’t involve human factors, such as channel management or dynamic pricing. However, when working with people, it’s important to select reliable individuals who align with your service standards.

Find cleaners you can trust

Hiring a top-class cleaner is essential for smooth management. The housekeeper must have attention to detail, and most of all, flexibility. Flexibility is the key component to keeping things easily running. The reasons:

  • With Airbnb you have so many random check-in days and late bookings, you need someone who is flexible enough to manage it.
  • Hiring a cleaner that is up to last minute bookings will boost your earnings.

Short-term rental specialists Kylee and Steven recommend hiring an independent contractor for cleaning duties rather than a service company. They argue that if you hire “a cleaning company” it’s unlikely they will give you the level of service you’ll need, let alone respond to emergencies.

Here are some marketplaces for finding cleaning contractors:

  • TaskRabbit
  • Helpling
  • HomeHero

On the other hand, individual cleaners can be tasked with additional responsibilities and are more likely to provide the dedicated and responsive care necessary. This not only ensures a higher standard of maintenance but also fosters a more personal and reliable relationship between property owners and their service providers.

Hire individual contractors for cleaning

As an extra tip, you can also consider to have a cleaning checklist and clear communication with your cleaners as you won’t be present to double check their work, for this you must devise a system that rewards and motivates your cleaner to maintain your high standards for example:

  • Pay your cleaner a base fee for each of the properties and reward a bonus for every five star cleanliness review that you get.
  • Make sure that all reviews are shared with your cleaner. This way, your cleaner has a vested interest in keeping the property tidy.

Having a system will give you peace of mind knowing that your cleaners interests are aligned with yours, even when you are on the other side of the world.

Find reliable 24/7 maintenance professionals

If you are thinking of scaling your Airbnb remotely, you should consider finding a trustworthy housekeeper who can do maintenance for you. They should be ready to respond to any request, at any time of the day.

For a smooth remote Airbnb management, ensure these vendors are readily accessible in case of an emergency.

  • Plumber
  • Handyman
  • Electrician
  • Landscaping services
  • Backup cleaning service
  • Pest control
  • Pool cleaning service (if applicable)

Regardless of the situation, guests will anticipate your prompt response. If you respond to an urgent issue too late, you can receive bad reviews from your guests, and consequently, this could lead to a drop in revenue.

Stock on supplies

When you are managing an Airbnb property remotely, it can be tricky to make sure that you are always fully stocked on supplies. Since you won’t be there to go on emergency supply runs, it is important to set up a system that works for you. Here are some tricks you can use:

  • Order supplies online. Sites like Amazon are great to find things like coffee, guest toiletries that need to be replenished often. Schedule the delivery so your cleaners can collect it when they are at your property.
  • Ask your cleaners to notify you when something runs out. You can try to estimate when you will run out of toilet paper, but it is safer to ask your cleaners to check up on your stock now and again.

Install smart locks for self-check-in

Investing in home automation such as smart lock technology is a cornerstone for efficiently managing Airbnb properties remotely, for several reasons:

  • Automated arrival and departure: guests can self-check-in and out using unique codes or a mobile app, providing flexibility for travel schedules.
  • Enhanced security: you get access to features like encryption and tamper alerts.
  • Remote access management: you can manage property access from anywhere, simplifying guest handling and enhancing security.
  • Activity monitoring: entry and exit logs help monitor access, number of visitors, noise level and more.
  • Seamless integration: smart locks integrate with Airbnb property management platforms, automating guest access codes, bookings, and notifications.

Smart locks provide convenience, security, and flexibility for Airbnb hosts and guests, enhancing the overall experience and simplifying the management of the property.

A good security system makes everyone feel safe.

You can use cameras in places like the foyer (make sure to respect privacy!), alarms, and motion sensors to keep an eye on the number of visitors. There have been cases where such recordings have assisted Airbnb hosts in presenting evidence that the number of guests exceeded the agreed-upon terms.

If anything strange happens, these systems can send you an alert on your phone. This way, you can quickly handle any problems and keep your rental safe for guests. This setup helps create a trustworthy and secure place for people staying at your Airbnb.

Set up an automated message templates

You should learn how to use guest message templates. While Airbnb’s messaging system offers a means of communication with guests, you might still need a more uniform place to send messages to different platforms where you are listed.

With Your.Rentals’ guest messaging feature you can configure standard messages that need to be sent to guests, such as welcome messages, directions to the property, and lists of rules or instructions.

Additionally, you have the option to add attachments such as images or PDF files to further enhance your message.

To access this feature, simply register a subscription-free account with Your.Rentals, go to your Messages > Message Templates button.

Your.Rentals software also includes a range of other features such as direct booking, channel management and home monitoring.

Messages templates in Your.Rentals app

Provide a Comprehensive Guestbook

When a guest arrives at your property, it’s a good practice to offer them some essential information for their stay. A comprehensive guestbook will eliminate the need for them to reach out with enquiries, ultimately enhancing the overall experience.

Make sure to include the following aspects:

  • Information about places they could visit, public transport options, restaurants and other facilities in the area.
  • Incorporate your check-in and check-out instructions within your guestbook, and ensure they are also clearly stated in your Airbnb listing.
  • Provide air conditioning and heating instructions.
  • Guides for electrical appliances.

Airbnb Guestbook Template

For your convenience we’ve crafted an Airbnb-ready home guide or guestbook that you can print and put in your accommodations.

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Airbnb Guestbook Dummy Text

Welcome to Your Urban Getaway!

Dear Guest,

Welcome to Urban Haven Retreat! Our beloved abode in Riverdale, where our adventure began. Shared with globetrotters, it’s the perfect base to experience the vibrant city. Discover hidden gems in the unparalleled community. Here, you’ll find invaluable tips for a memorable stay. Enjoy!

Alex & Jamie

Check-in and Check-out Information

  • Check-in: From 3:00 pm onwards.
  • Check-out: By 11:00 am, please.

For a late check-out request, kindly get in touch via the contact information provided below. We’ll try our best to accommodate you, conditional on our booking schedule.

Parking Guidelines

While onsite parking isn’t available, several free parking options await along Greenway Lane. Evening times see an increase in demand, so you might also want to consider side streets for additional spots.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Network: UrbanHaven

Password: RiverdaleWelcome

House Rules

Your cooperation with the following house rules is greatly appreciated:

  1. Absolutely no parties/events.
  2. Smoking is not permitted.
  3. We’re unable to accommodate pets.
  4. Suitable for children aged 12 and under.
  5. Only registered guests are allowed on the premises.
  6. Please avoid food and drinks in bedroom areas.
  7. Adhere to the local noise restrictions.
  8. Remember to turn off the heating/cooling systems when out.
  9. Respect the check-in and check-out timings.
  10. Misplaced keys will incur a £40 charge for replacements.
  11. Handle furnishings with care; charges apply for damages beyond the security deposit.
  12. Furniture rearrangements are not allowed.
  13. Ensure dishes are done before departure.
  14. Trash should be taken out at the end of your stay.
  15. Illegal substances are strictly prohibited on the property.

Appliance Guide

Heating/Cooling Systems: Control the room’s temperature using the thermostat situated in the main living area. Please maintain a responsible setting and ensure it’s switched off before you leave.

Washing Facilities: Located under the kitchen counter with a comprehensive user manual in the adjacent drawer.

Coffee Maker: Detailed instructions are on the side panel. Capsules can be found in the cupboard above the machine.

Dishwasher: We encourage full loads for eco-efficiency. Detergent pods are located on the kitchen shelf. Opt for the ‘Eco’ cycle.

Local Transportation

Urban Haven Retreat lies close to Riverdale’s core attractions. However, for further exploration or commuting, we recommend the local transit system over driving.

Bus routes 12 and 14 offer frequent service near Maple Avenue. For digital fare payments, the TransitLite App is highly reliable.

Must-Visit Spots

Beyond the famed city sights, Riverdale offers numerous lesser-known treasures. Explore Maple Park for a leisurely stroll, indulge in wine tasting at Vinetastic, or embark on a culinary adventure in Little Venice.

Top eating spots include Casa Verde for exquisite Italian cuisine and Ocean’s Bounty for the freshest seafood delights.

For shopping enthusiasts, Riverside Mall and the quirky boutiques in the Artisan Quarter offer unique finds and a vibrant atmosphere.

Emergency Contacts

For any emergencies, refer to the compiled list of contacts provided towards the end of this manual. Your safety and peace of mind are paramount to us.

For inquiries or further assistance during your stay, please don’t hesitate to connect:

  • Phone: [Host Number]
  • Email: [Host Email]

Enjoy Urban Haven Retreat, where every moment is part of your journey.

In addition to putting the printed guestbook in your apartment, it is advisable to send it to your guests via email prior to their check-in and position it prominently at your Airbnb, such as on your main entrance countertop.

Creating a visual guide for guests, highlighting the locations of essential items and amenities in your rental, can significantly enhance their experience.

Consider taking photographs of the storage spots for commonly sought-after items that guests might struggle to find, like batteries, medicine kit, tool box, kitchen appliances such as blenders, and external switches for outdoor lighting. Additionally, compiling a handy reference sheet containing various codes and passwords, for instance, those needed for television accounts, is advisable.

Having the model numbers of major appliances and electronics, like fridges and ACs, allows hosts to easily check for troubleshooting tips and quick fixes if an issue comes up. Labelling storage spaces will make the restocking process faster and easier.

Pro tip. Consider providing the guestbook or welcome pack in both the local language and English.

Establish clear house rules for guests

As a host, you have the authority to establish particular house regulations for your Airbnb property. These guidelines should encompass all the necessary requirements mandated by the Airbnb platform and local short-term rental laws. Moreover, they may extend beyond these stipulations to align with your personal comfort regarding the permissible and restricted activities for guests on your property.

When initially creating your Airbnb listing, ensure the incorporation of all pertinent house rules. Whether communicated in the dedicated guest book or within the property description, this step prevents guests from encountering unexpected surprises upon arrival, such as discovering restrictions on hosting a party.

Furthermore, it is advisable to include the house rules in the on-site welcome pack, serving as a swift reminder and easy reference for guests during their stay.

Consider hiring a local Co-Host

Managing an Airbnb remotely can be a complex process so hiring a local co-host who knows the area could be a good option to manage your property on a professional level.

Having a co-host will assure you that any problems will be efficiently resolved, preserving your guests’ positive experience.

Remote Airbnb management strategy

Create Maintenance Management Plan

Start your maintenance management by establishing standard procedures. Create an inspections checklist for quarterly or annual maintenance inspections geared specifically toward health and quality and maintaining functionality across appliances.

Also as we mentioned before, we recommend creating a directory of local vendors for each of your properties, so you have contacts on hand if something breaks down or a last-minute fix is needed.

Maintenance inspection plan

Incorporate an Airbnb management system

Using a Property Management System (PMS) is a great tool to optimise operations, enhance efficiency and maximise revenue opportunities. This efficiency is reflected in reduced costs, which ultimately translates into increased revenues.

While some of the more advanced PMSes may entail a significant initial investment, the commission or subscription fees associated with them are notably lower than the expenses incurred by hiring a property management company. When you think about the potential loss of time, effort, and booking opportunities that come with manual management, choosing a reliable PMS is a much more cost-effective option.

Most of them will provide the following basic functions:

  • Management of all reservations and bookings
  • Calendar synchronisation across multiple rental platforms (no double bookings)
  • Quick booking notifications in the mobile app
  • Automation and centralization of all communication into one single inbox
  • Ability to schedule and track cleaning and maintenance
  • Key management for remote access
  • Invoicing

Your.Rentals property management software

Integrate Direct Booking & Marketing Solutions

Adopt short-term rentals software early in your journey. These include direct booking platforms, internet connectivity systems, automated email networks among others.

Direct booking website

To begin, let’s dive into direct booking websites. Direct bookings are more than just transactions; they reflect trust and loyalty from guests. To achieve this, you can strengthen online presence through an intuitive website featuring your Airbnb listings but with a standalone payment process saving you the 15% channel commision.

Maintaining a customer database allows you to push extra sales using promo codes that you can put on social media or send directly by email.

Investing in your website SEO, can give organic traffic and extra bookings.

Emails for free internet access

By prompting guests to provide their email addresses for free Wi-Fi access, you can build a good email list and incorporate it into a monthly marketing newsletter.

These newsletters serve as a platform to promote available nights at discounted rates, update past guests on cancellations, or simply evoke fond memories of their enjoyable stay at your property.

Dynamic pricing

Setting up dynamic pricing is a key strategy for maximising your Airbnb earnings. By adjusting your rental rates in real-time based on demand, season, and local events, you can ensure your property stays competitive and profitable.

This approach allows you to capture higher rates during peak times while maintaining occupancy during slower periods by offering more attractive pricing.

At Your.Rentals we have a tool called Smart Rates, which you can ‘set and forget’ and use it as a part of the service.

More Instant booking listings

Turning on the Instant Book feature on Airbnb makes booking your place easier and quicker for guests. They don’t have to wait for your approval, which can make your listing more appealing and might get you more bookings.

This tool also helps your listing show up more in searches, making it easier for guests to find your place. It’s a good move for hosts who want to keep things simple and efficient, especially when managing from afar.

Pros and Cons of Remote Property Management

What are the Pros of Remote Hosting?

1. Location Independence

You can manage your Airbnb property from virtually anywhere, as long as you have internet access. This freedom allows you to travel, work on other projects, or even manage multiple properties in different locations. Isn’t that great?

2. Growth Potential

Remote hosting makes it easier to grow your short-term rental business. With the right tools and systems in place, you can manage multiple listings without being tied down to one location.

 3. Leverage Technology

The current technology and services available in the market offer seamless and efficient remote management of Airbnb properties. Property management systems, smart home devices, and automation tools can streamline many tasks.

What are the Cons of Remote Hosting?

1. Human factor

Remote hosting means you’ll need to rely on local service providers for cleaning, maintenance, and emergencies. While these services are crucial for your business, it can be challenging to find reliable, high-quality providers.

2. Less human touch with Guests

One of the drawbacks of remote hosting is the lack of personal interaction with your guests. Building a rapport with your guests can lead to positive reviews and repeat bookings. However, you can still create a personalised experience for your guests by providing a welcome book and using automation tools to communicate effectively.

3. Potential Legal Issues

Remote hosting might come with legal considerations, such as zoning laws, guest registration in certain countries, and taxes. Familiarise yourself with legal considerations for your short-term rental business to avoid any surprises.

What system will work for me?

While industry leaders offer valuable advice that sets a strong foundation, the key to success lies in customising these insights to fit your specific circumstances. It’s important to understand that a method that works wonders for one host may not necessarily yield the same results for you.

Embrace a mindset of trial and error; experiment with different strategies and tools until you discover a workflow that feels intuitive and efficient for your properties. This process of exploration and adaptation is essential in crafting a management system that not only meets your needs but also enhances the guest experience.

Conclusion: is remote Airbnb management for you?

To summarise, remote management presents a dynamic solution for Airbnb hosts and property managers.

The efficiency and convenience offered by technology, especially through dedicated management tools, allows hosts to simplify operations, enhance guest experiences, and optimise property performance.

Work on your guest experience early: write and print guilds, so that by the time they book and check-in at your place they will not have extra questions or unattended problems at the apartment.

Go the extra mile and establish a direct booking channel using software such as Your.Rentals. This will significantly save you time on management tasks.