Guest Reviews

Your guests love your properties. Share that love with the world.

Guest reviews from different channels, all integrated into one platform.

Guest Reviews

Receive feedback from guests

Let guests share their thoughts about your properties.
You’ll learn what they love, and how you can make their stay even better in future!

Share with future travellers

Guest reviews are one of the most important factors when it comes to making a vacation rental booking.
Display your guest reviews on your property listings to encourage more bookings!

All reviews in one place

Whether it’s a direct booking or through one of our sales channel connections, you can receive a review and distribute it to other websites.

share vacation rental reviews

Display reviews on your own website

Offer a complete guest booking experience by adding reviews to your custom built direct booking website.

Reviews add an extra touch of professionalism and offer complete peace of mind to potential guests.


Respond publicly or privately

Make your guests feel heard.

On supported channels you’ll be able to share a public response to your guest so other travellers can see how professional you are.

Or use our Messages feature to communicate privately with your guest.

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