Are you a property manager or host who just purchased a(nother) rental property and you are looking for decoration ideas? Or you just want to refresh your old rental home to create a more fresh and consistent design? You are in the right place, we have collected what to consider when it comes to decorating your rental home.

Why does decoration matter?

The decoration of your Airbnb can make or break the guest experience. First impressions are crucial. Great decoration and a space with a welcoming atmosphere, will be reflected in your listings’ photos. These photos can have an impact on the click rate, hence, having a great design affects your listing positively even before the guests decide to book it.

From the moment guests enter the space, they are already making judgments about their stay based on what they see. If they arrive and see an uninviting, untidy place with no character, it will possibly negatively impact their experience for the whole stay. Which can result in bad reviews. Hence, it is crucial to strive to provide as welcoming and clean space as possible.

Getting started – Mood board

Before you buy anything, it is useful to gather your ideas in one place and make a mood board that reflects the space you want to create. This way you can see your ideas all at once: the colours, furniture, and decor. It will help you to remain consistent while decorating your space. Think of who your audience will be and try to create a space that is specifically made for them.

Boho-style mood board inspired by Pinterest

Moodboard inspired by Scandinavian Minimalism

Choosing a colour scheme

The 60-30-10 colour rule

Choosing the right color scheme can be the difference between creating a bland space and a unique one. The 60-30-10 colour rule can help you keep the balance between different colours in your home. How this rule works:

  • 60 percent: the main colour, it should cover 60% of a room.
  • 30 percent: secondary colour which should be present in 30% of a room.
  • 10 percent: accent colour, it should cover about 10% of a room.

Main colour

It is advisable to use a light-coloured neutral for the main colour. This colour should be represented in the largest percentage (60%) in the room on larger spaces, such as walls, rugs, curtains, and sometimes larger furniture like sofas.

Secondary colour

This colour serves to complement the main colour. Consider using a colour that is slightly richer in tone than the main colour. You can use this colour on accent walls, or the floor.

Accent colour/Pops of colour

The last colour has to be very carefully picked, this little pop of colour can light up the room, and give it character. Compared to the first two colours, this is more vibrant.

Colour palette

When it comes to deciding on any colour palette, consider the location and theme of your property.

  • For instance, if you have an apartment on the beach, you might go for sandy beige tones, or white palettes to mimic and emphasize the airy coastal feel.
  • If you have your Airbnb in the city center you might want to reflect the vibrant urban life in your rental home. Or on the contrary, if you want to create a haven for your guests where they can hide from the fast-paced world and relax then use more neutral, subtle colours.

Going with neutral colours is the safest option, you can hardly go wrong with that. But a thoroughly thought-through unusual colour palette can work just as well. Colours are a very subjective topic, hence it is difficult to point out one colour scheme that all guests will like just the same.

Room-specific Airbnb decor ideas

Airbnb living room decoration ideas: creating a cozy atmosphere

The living room is the heart and soul of any rental home. This is the place where guests will spend the most time relaxing, socializing, and making memories. As such, it is important to create a cozy atmosphere that makes guests feel at home. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by creating comfortable seating that helps them to relax and is suitable for late-night conversations, game nights, and gatherings.

You might consider choosing sofas/couches or armchairs that are comfortable, stylish, durable, and last but not least affordable. Add large and soft pillows in colours that match the theme of the room to create an inviting space. For a more homey feel, it is also worth considering purchasing a carpet or soft rug, which should also be chosen to harmonize with the colours and theme of the room.When you pick these objects, keep in mind to choose ones that are easy to clean. For instance, when choosing a couch, make sure the covers are removable.

In addition to comfortable seating, adding a unique coffee table adds to the atmosphere. Place some books on it and decorative objects, such as vases or flowers. Consider placing some board games near the coffee table. These small touches can add a bit of charm to a rental home while providing forms of entertainment for guests in a stylish way.

Living room decoration examples for inspiration:

1. Boho-style living room

Photo from Pinterest @JennaDanielle

Photo from Pinterest @Displate – prints on metal

Photo from Pinterest @Posh Pennies

2. Minimalist living room in a Scandinavian minimalist style:

Living room furniture & decor checklist:

  • couch or sofa
  • throw pillows
  • coffee table
  • rug
  • entertainment center (high-speed WiFi, TV (smart), streaming services)
  • bookshelf
  • books
  • vase
  • flowers
  • board games
  • plants
  • Living room decoration budget solutions:

If you are looking to furnish and decorate on a budget, one of the stores to consider is IKEA. It is one of the globally recognized stores that provide affordable and good quality furniture. There, you can easily purchase most of the items you need on a budget. Another similar store where you can easily find durable furniture on a budget is JYSK.

Additionally, other multinational furnishing outlets that are available in several countries across Europe, the US and other parts of the world are: Wayfair and Amazon where you can also look around for cheap and simple solutions. In each store you can find country-specific deals. When you start your search make sure the objects are available for shipping in your country as well.

Alternatives for sofa on a budget:

This EKTORP 3-seat sofa is a practical solution, it comes in 10+ colours and the covers are removable, which makes it easier to clean.

The LINANÄS 3-seat sofa can be a profitable option if you want a more modern-looking sofa on a budget. It is cheaper than the previous one but comes in 2 colours and the covers are not removable so the cleaning might be more challenging.

Rugs on a budget:

IKEA’s TIPHEDE rug is a very good deal, seems durable, looks stylish, and has a very low price.

Coffee table:

If you want to avoid having the same coffee table as any other rental home, it is worth looking around in antique or second-hand stores. There you are likely to find unique and beautiful coffee tables for a very cheap price.

Decor on a budget:

You can go to IKEA and pick some decor pieces like wall art, or vases and decorative bowls. They will not disappoint either in terms of price or quality.

But, you can also try to look around on Etsy, where you can find some local handmade gems. This way you can incorporate local art into your home, and support local artists at the same time.

Airbnb Bedroom Decoration Ideas

The bedroom is where guests will spend their time resting after a long day of exploring. Thus, it is essential to provide bedding that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. When selecting bedding for your vacation rental, aim for high-quality sheets made from natural fibres such as cotton or linen. Choose colours that will be in harmony with the colours of the room.

Adding statement pieces such as a headboard or unique bedside tables can add character and is also practical because you increase the storage space within the room. Make sure to provide good lighting options, such as lamps for the bedside tables, or string lights to heighten the ambiance.

Adding a bookshelf with carefully chosen books could enhance the guest’s experience while also decorating the room. You can place small decorative ornaments on the shelves, and art on the bedroom walls is always appreciated along with plants and flowers in the room. Adding a mirror can be useful, and other seating furniture can make the space even more comfortable for guests. The addition of a soft rug always gives a touch of a bigger comfort.

Bedroom decor examples for inspiration:

1. Boho-style bedroom decor ideas

2. Scandinavian minimalism-inspired bedroom decor ideas:

Bedroom furniture & decor checklist

  • bedframe
  • mattress & cover
  • sheets
  • pillows
  • closet/chest of drawers
  • hangers
  • bedside table(s)
  • lamp(s)
  • mirror
  • bookshelf
  • decor (books, plants, string light, small ornaments, alarm clock)

Bedroom decoration budget solutions:

Bedframe on a budget:

One of the cheapest options at IKEA is the NEIDEN bedframe (160×200 cm). It can work perfectly well in your Airbnb home.

Bedside table ideas:

VANDSTED bedside table from JYSK

EGEBY bedside table from Jysk

Alternatives for mirrors:

Low price BALSLEV mirror from JYSK

Budget Friendly LÄRBRO mirror from IKEA

Bathroom: Creating a spa-like atmosphere

The bathroom should be a place where guests can relax and refresh after a long day. To create this relaxing space, it is essential first and foremost, to provide quality towels. Make sure that the guests are provided with not only quality but sufficient quantity as well.
In addition to these practical considerations, adding plants and carefully picked toiletries and ornaments can create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.


Bathroom decor examples for inspiration:

Bathroom furniture & decor checklist:

  • shower curtain
  • bath mats or rugs
  • bath towels (one per guest, at least one backup), hand towels (one per bathroom, 3 backups),
  • washcloths (1 per bathroom, 3 backups)
  • toilet brush and plunder
  • dustbin
  • mirror
  • artificial plants/real plants
  • toiletries
  • hairdryer
  • small ornaments

Bathroom decor budget solutions:

Bathroom mats:

The top seller TOFTBO bathroom mat from IKEA is soft and fluffy, comes in 5 colours, and has a reasonable price.

Artificial plants for the bathroom:

FEJKA artificial plant

SMYCKA artificial eucalyptus

Soap dish:

SKOGSVIKEN soap dish

TACKAN soap pump

Workstation: prepare well for longer stays

Create a space that serves as an office at home. Offering a workstation in your rental home can significantly enhance guest satisfaction and attract a wider range of potential guests. This is especially relevant in the current context where remote work and longer stays are on the rise.

Did you know that online travel agencies encourage hosts to provide working facilities? For example, has a Work-friendly badge for properties with a desk and WiFi, that can help listings stay on top of the search results.

A workstation provides guests with a comfortable and efficient area to manage their work. Additionally, it positions your property as a considerate and well-equipped space, potentially increasing positive reviews.

If you can, separate this space from other parts of the home, so guests can work calmly without any noise from other parts of the house bothering them. When setting up a workstation, it should be designed with lighting and connectivity in mind. A comfortable desk and chair are essentials. The desk should be big enough for a laptop and some additional electronic devices that are essential to their work. Good lighting is also key; ideally, natural light. If natural light is not available, appropriate desk lamps should be installed instead. Accessible power outlets and a strong, high-speed Wi-Fi connection are also crucial. 

Workstation furniture & decor checklist:

  • desk
  • chair
  • desk lamp(s)
  • extension cord(s)
  • dustbin
  • plant (preferably placed next to the desk)
  • framed image (on the wall)

Adding plants and greenery to bring life into your home

Bringing plants into any space can help create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Adding greenery can make your space feel fresh and alive while also providing a unique decor element.

Real plants

When it comes to plants, aim for the kinds that do not need too much care, so you can make sure they look stunning all year round:

  • aroid palms
  • snake plants
  • cacti
  • fiddle leaf figs

These are easy-care options that can add life to any space while not requiring too much attention. Be careful when picking plants, especially if you allow pets in your rental home. Some plants can be harmful to them.
Additionally, you can put flowers in vases on the coffee table or dining table that will add a pop of colour and bring light into any room. However, they do not live long and you have to make sure to change them regularly. Withered flowers and dirty water at the bottom of the vase do not look pleasant and won’t help you enhance the guest experience.

If you’re feeling bold, you might consider incorporating indoor herb gardens in your kitchen. They will provide fresh herbs for guests to use during their stay and also add a natural aroma to the air.

Artificial plants

Even though there are easy-care options, sometimes it is very difficult to keep plants alive. Especially if you have long-term guests who do not care to water the plants and you as a host cannot do it for them during their stay. Hence, artificial plants prove to be a sufficient alternative.
Nowadays it is easy to find ones that look just like their real versions but with the benefit that they do not require any care. Plus, you don’t have to bother doing research on which ones are harmful to pets.

Incorporating local artwork and decor to add character to your space

One of the most critical aspects of decorating any Airbnb space is having character. You can achieve that for instance through decor. Incorporating local artwork, furniture pieces, or even textiles can give guests a taste of what makes your location unique. It is also a good way to connect your guests and the local community while supporting local businesses in your surroundings.
Local art is a wide category, including ceramics, photography, paintings, furniture, books, textile, or any other unique handmade pieces produced in and specific to your location.


Decor checklist to give character to your rooms:

  • Vase: put on top of the coffee table/bedside table/cabinet and put some artificial or real flowers in it, you can also choose dried flowers in them as well (See examples below).
  • Coffee table books: put decorative books on the coffee table or bedside table. Aim for books that describe the area where the property is located, or somehow is connected to the rental home.
  • Small ornaments: handmade/locally made smaller decorative bowls, and decorative ornaments placed on top of the coffee table give a homey feel to the space.
  • Photograph/print on living room/bedroom wall: It is always a good idea to hang images on the walls, to fill the space. It is up to you and your theme what images would fit best to your space specifically. It is a good idea to have images of plants, so the space feels more lively. Also, you can hang paintings by local artists or famous paintings if they are relevant to the location of your property. The only thing to keep in mind is to strive for balance and try not to overwhelm the space.

Unique decorative touches


Wall art can be tricky – too little and the space feels bare; too much and it feels crowded. One unique option that strikes the perfect balance is wallpaper. It can add texture, colour, and pattern without overwhelming a space like traditionally framed art might.
When choosing a wallpaper for your property, keep in mind the 60-30-10 colour rule. Also, consider only covering one wall with wallpaper, so it complements and brings the space together and not the opposite.

If wallpapers are not quite your style, or just would not fit your vacation rental, try incorporating other wall hangings not too little, not too many.


A unique and fun idea: hang a large world map on the living room wall or paint it. Provide post-its next to the map, and invite guests to place a post-it where they come from. Invite them to leave a cute message or their names or their hometowns. This will give a bit more life to the living room while documenting how diverse your guests are.

Show your decor to the world in your Airbnb listings

Now that you have a lot of great furniture and interior decorations in your vacation rental property, don’t forget to update all the photos in your Airbnb listings. This will boost your Airbnb listing’s rating and signal to guests that your space boasts a stylish allure worthy of a premium experience.

Ideally, you need to hire a professional photographer to capture images of your house. Alternatively, we offer a comprehensive guide on capturing high-quality photos, providing valuable shooting tips.

Add new photos to your listings

It’s time to spread your wonderful new photos across all OTA platforms such as, VRBO, Expedia, and more. List them everywhere you choose!

The fastest way to start is to create a Your.Rentals listing (if you haven’t already) and bulk upload your photos to your free Your.Rentals account. Then, simply indicate the channels where you wish to list.

Your.Rentals listing builder offers the benefit of selecting channel-specific settings (currently supporting, enhancing your listing’s quality.
If you have an Airbnb account and want to list on additional OTAs, try Your.Rentals’ import feature. It seamlessly transfers your Airbnb listing details and images to new platforms, saving you the hassle of creating new accounts.

Import listings from Airbnb to many channels in seconds

The simplest way to create a great vacation rental listing


Decorating your Airbnb is a crucial element of creating a memorable guest experience. No matter what style you are going for, incorporating unique decorative touches can set your space apart from the rest.
Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box! With a little effort and attention to detail, you can create an unforgettable space for guests to enjoy during their stay. Happy decorating!