Are you looking for a carefully curated platform to list your luxury properties? Then look no further than Plum Guide! They ensure a reliable and enjoyable booking experience for customers while property managers can rest easy knowing that they will be hosting high-quality guests with low cancellation rates.

What is Plum Guide?

Plum Guide, founded in 2016, is a global vacation rental company headquartered in London. They curate a handpicked collection of short-term rental properties, initially focusing on cities like London, Paris, New York, and Los Angeles. However, they have expanded since and now offer properties in over 500 destinations across 35 countries worldwide.

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Why should you list on Plum Guide?

Plum Guide is not just another vacation rental website. It is a carefully curated platform that brings together top-notch properties worldwide. Their team personally evaluates and selects each property based on a strict set of criteria, that includes comfort, design, amenities, and location.

Only 3% of the reviewed properties that meet their high standards are featured on their platform, ensuring customers a reliable and enjoyable booking experience. From apartments to houses, Plum Guide offers a diverse range of properties for short-term rentals. Their main focus is Europe but they list properties in 35 countries worldwide.

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Benefits of listing on Plum Guide

Enjoy one of the biggest benefits of listing on Plum Guide: Welcome unique and responsible guests who appreciate exclusivity. Whether you are an individual host or a property management company by listing on Plum Guide you can:

  • Extend your bookings and increase revenue with stays 2.1 times longer at Plum Guide than at Airbnb.
  • Ensure year-round occupancy by relying on Plum Guide’s bookings that occur over 50% outside of high season.
  • Expect responsible and respectful stays of high-quality guests, with a target audience of an average age of 45.
  • Rest easy knowing that the guest cancellation rate at Plum Guide is less than 0.5%, minimising any disruption to your hosting experience.

Join Plum Guide through Your.Rentals and unlock a world of high-quality guests and hassle-free hosting!

The Plum Test: Meeting the Plum Standards

Every vacation rental property that applies to list on Plum Guide is reviewed before it becomes part of the community. The properties are tested and scrutinised by professionals and are subjects to the 150-point Plum Test.

We collected some of the Plum Home Standards that Plum Homes need to meet:

  • Fully furnished homes to an exceptionally high standard with a consistent design.
  • Proper property maintenance.
  • Home manual.
  • Well-equipped kitchen & bathrooms.
  • Quality linens and beds.
  • High-speed Wi-Fi.
  • Strict cleaning guidelines.
  • Utilities must be included in the price of the home.
  • Weekly housekeeping service (if required).
Listing at Plum Guide
Listing at Plum Guide

Examples of properties accepted by Plum Guide (@plumguide)

The Plum Award

When your vacation rental property is accepted by Plum Guide, you will receive the Plum Award, an official quality mark in hospitality. Similarly to how a Michelin Star conveys exceptional culinary experiences, the Plum Award signifies to guests that their chosen home is truly extraordinary.

The Plum Award

Host Payment options at Plum Guide

When selecting Plum Guide as a distribution channel for your hosting needs, it is crucial to consider and be mindful of the payment terms of the platform.

  • The commission is 15% per confirmed booking.
  • Payment is made 48 hours after check-in.
  • Payouts are processed through Hyperwallet.
  • No cancellation fee when the host/property manager cancels the booking.

Cancellation policy

At Plum Guide guests can choose from 7 cancellation policies that range from Relaxed (or Premium Relaxed), Reasonable (or Premium Reasonable), Moderate, Firm, SuperFirm, SuperFirm30, SuperFirm60. However, Your.Rentals supports only the following cancellation policies:


SuperFirm60 (50% refund until 60 days before check-in, then no refund) YR Non-ref, Strict, Moderate, Flexible
SuperFirm30 (50% refund until 30 days before check-in, then no refund) YR Free30
Superfirm (50% refund until 14 days before check-in, then no refund) YR Free14, YR Super-Flexible
Reasonable (100% refund until 5 days before check-in) YR Free7


You can set a different cancellation policy for every listing.

What cancellation policy the property has depends entirely on the host, there is no requirement on that by Plum Guide. Yet, they recommend hosts to use a more flexible cancellation policy in order to secure more bookings. According to their data, guests are more likely to book a property that has a more flexible cancellation policy.

Keep in mind that once your listing is live on PlumGuide, you CANNOT change the cancellation policy.

Security deposit

Plum Guide allows hosts to set an amount as security deposit that could cover the damages caused by guests. But, it is important to keep in mind that a high amount would withdraw guests from booking.

Guest features

Filters & Price

At Plum Guide, guests can choose from several destinations in countries all over the world. It can be an overwhelming experience and difficult to decide where to go when seeing so many options. Luckily, Plum Guide provides plenty of filters that will help guests find exactly what they are looking for.

Guests can set filters for Essentials (i.e.: free cancellation, instant book, pets welcome, etc.), Property types, Locations, Activities, Amenities, Home set-up, Accessibility, and Outdoor space. They can also adjust the price when searching so the results will be best suitable for their needs.

Plum Guide Filters

Flexible search

When guests are unsure about when they want to travel, they can make use of the new feature introduced on the website. The “Now I am flexible” feature allows them to search for accommodation without giving a specific date, they can pick from the option a weekend, one week, two weeks, and a month. They can specify which month they want to travel but it is not mandatory.

With this new feature, Plum Guide simplifies the planning process even more for guests and enhances the guest experience.

Plum Guide New Feature

Most popular destinations at Plum Guide

Popular Destinations in Europe

  • London
  • Edinburgh
  • York
  • Cornwall
  • Cumbria
  • Devon
  • Dorset
  • Kent
  • Norfolk
  • Northumberland
  • Pembrokeshire
  • Somerset
  • Suffolk
  • The Cotswolds
  • Yorkshire
  • Paris
  • French Riviera
  • Britany
  • The Alps
  • Basque Country
  • Corsica
  • Rome
  • Milan
  • Florence
  • Venice
  • Apulia
  • Sicily
  • Tuscany
  • Lake Como
  • Amalfi Coast
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • San Sebastian
  • Canary Islands
  • Costa del Sol
  • Ibiza
  • Malaga
  • Mallorca
  • Lisbon
  • Porto
  • Algarve
  • Madeira
  • Athens
  • Crete
  • Corfu
  • Mikonos
  • Rhodes
  • Santorini

Popular Destinations in the US

  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Palm Springs
  • San Diego

How to list on Plum Guide

The easiest way to list your short-term rental property on Plum Guide is to submit your application through Your.Rentals channel manager. The only thing you have to do is to add Plum Guide as your online travel agency, submit your application, and they will assess whether your property meets the Plum Guide standards.

Please note that it is not possible to update property content such as location/address, headline, descriptions, cancellation policy, photos, amenities, number of persons after the listing is onboarded in PlumGuide.