Airbnb listing titles are claimed to be back to guest search results in June 2021. This means every host should revise their Airbnb title naming strategy to improve visibility and ranking, get more clicks and eventually more bookings.

You only have a few seconds to snag someone’s attention and convince travellers that your listing is the best for them. In this guide, we’ll give you tips on how to write the most catchy Airbnb titles that resonate with the people’s choice.

What should my Airbnb title be?

By the end of 2022 it is not yet clear, who owns the title settings – the host or Airbnb? They have updated their platform, and now we have this:

  • Search results page titles – short Airbnb-generated names [Property type] + [Location]
  • Listing page – original host-generated listing name
different titles on the search results page and listings page of Airbnb

This might be frustrating, and Airbnb claims to do something about it. We will return to it later in the article.

Now, assuming the custom title matters, let’s address the question: what my ideal Airbnb title should be?

Your title should be reflective of your brand and what you’re offering. A good Airbnb title will give potential guests an accurate idea of what they can expect from your listing.

Before we jump over to the Airbnb titles examples and best practices let me emphasise one of the most important aspects – the context.

Your listing title works in conjunction with your thumb image, price, location, rating and competitor offerings.

That said, don’t go blindly copying someone else’s title. Outline the real, pragmatic benefits of your property.


Airbnb titles best practices

The following points is a juice of various pieces of advice from different sources:

  • Keep it simple, accurate and to the point. Don’t get too creative or cutesy.
  • Adopt the title template: {Adjective} + {Property type} + {Benefit}
  • Use abbreviations to provide maximum information within the Airbnb title’s 50 characters limit (32 characters on mobile phones).
  • Use more short words (5+ on average) rather than a few long words per title. This research shows the possible impact of lengthy names on the ranking.
  • Use keywords that potential guests are likely to search for. Check the standard Airbnb filter names.
  • Avoid using superlatives or making grandiose claims in your title.
  • Choose the right listing thumb image so that it features the same sales points as in your title.
  • Don’t try to increase the listing price by putting ‘luxury’ in the title. Convince in the description.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your listing title is effective in driving user attention and clicks.

What are good Airbnb names for short-term rentals?

Below are some real Airbnb titles ranked by total revenue. We left their syntax unedited to demonstrate that the title is not the only important factor from the guest’s perspective.

40 real Airbnb titles by total revenue

  1. Superb Loft In The Center Of Lausanne
  2. Chalet Edelweiss Stunning Glacier View
  3. Luxury Beach Frontage Villa For Rent
  4. Panoramic Villa Maria Rosaria
  5. 9 Bedrooms 9 Bathrooms-2 Pools Seminyak
  6. Another Bungalow by the Beach!!
  7. Villa Golden Gate – 8 bedroom luxury villa
  8. Palmetto Penthouse Deluxe
  9. 16 bedroom villa river side Legian
  10. Beach&puerto Banus Marbella Apartment Garden View
  11. Seafront 3 Bed Duplex Apartment.
  12. Casa Patrick Cr190 villa martin
  13. Villa White Rock in Kringa – Central located in Istria
  14. Panoramic Villa Maria Rosaria
  15. Cottage Aurora with wifi and private pool
  16. Bungalow 1 Block Walk to the Beach
  17. Roberta Apartment – Marina De Botafoch Ibiza
  18. Beautiful 2-storey apartment with sea views.
  19. Villa Florida Feeling Cape Coral Fl 3/2 Pool
  20. Relais Masseria Capasa
  21. Born Duplex Luxury Apartment
  22. Villa Surrounded By Greenery – Villa Les Pins
  23. Holiday House Nino with private pool
  24. Modern 7 bedrooms Villa on private beach access
  25. Hotham 1 Bed Apartment
  26. Stylish 2 Bedroom Apt Right On Central Park West
  29. L’île Ô – T4 Duplex In The Heart Of Alpe D’huez
  30. New! WalnutTree Double 12 Pers Apartment
  31. charming villa 800 m from a fine sandy beach
  32. Address Jbr | Luxury 2 Br | 55th Floor | Full Sea
  33. Charming Villa In The Exclusivity Of Son Vida
  34. Villa Terrazza sul Mare, Isola d’Elba
  35. Charming studio with terrace overlooking the sea
  36. Two Bedroom Apartment – fully furnished and equipped
  37. Harbor n 233 Playa de Mogan
  38. Cozy apartment in Berlin
  39. Greenchalets Tuscany Viareggio
  40. Meribel – Chalet Orgentil

As we can see there are many contradictions to the official regulations, but still, these listings generate revenue. We believe that there are other significant factors involved in why these Airbnb listings rank higher:

  • Location
  • Seasonality
  • Overall user satisfaction
  • Listing price
  • Minimum stay (days)
  • and many more

New Airbnb guidelines on how to write titles (2021)

On June 30, 2021 Airbnb reverted host-generated titles back to the platform (as we’ve seen not completely). The new regulation on writing listings titles emphasised two main things:

  • Shorter sentence-style texts
  • No emojis, exceeding capitalisations or special characters

And there is a logic behind it. Using sentences makes texts easier to read. The Airbnb search output becomes more organised and clear. Furthermore, favouring words over emojis can create a level playing field for all hosts in terms of visibility.

Airbnb has observed a change in how its customers are utilizing the site. A majority of users are now browsing Airbnb on their mobile devices, and they need to be able to get all the relevant information about a listing without having to scroll through multiple pages.

So what does this mean for hosts? Try to include all the essential information – like the type of property, number of bedrooms, time to center – as close to the beginning as possible and fit in the 32-character limit for mobile devices.


Listing title examples according to the Airbnb guidelines

airbnb title examples good and bad

Can you use Emojis in Airbnb titles?

Yes, you can use emojis in your Airbnb title, but it is against the content policy. Though many hosts have used them without any problems, there is no guarantee that future use won’t result in negative impacts.

Instead of emojis in the title think of decorating your descriptions with various types of bullet point icons, stars, arrows, etc. Think about these:

popular vacation rentals emojies


Most overused adjectives from Airbnb title names

Let’s look at this study of the Airbnb titles on what the top used adjectives (doesn’t equal effective) in 2020 were:

The most frequently met Airbnb title adjectives from

The most frequently met Airbnb title adjectives from

Another graph shows the highly used adjectives and their relation to the average price and frequency:

Airbnb title adjectives by listing price (y), 5-star rating (x) and frequency (color) from
Airbnb title adjectives by listing price (y), 5-star rating (x) and frequency (color) from

There isn’t any generic pattern. Although ‘modern’ and ‘historic’ have higher ratings and high listings prices, they are also the most used ones. Make 100% certain that your listing corresponds to the definition before using those.

Some adjectives, like ‘cozy’, ‘clean’ and ‘quiet’, can help to connote a more affordable short-term rental. Try to use these words if your listing is in that niche.

Catchy nouns and the best adjectives for Airbnb titles

This table corresponds to the most generic naming pattern:

{Adjective} + {Property type} + {Benefit}

From the table below pick the parameters you need and mix them in a catchy manner.

3 bedroom, 3br
best quality
brand new
design furnitures
fully equipped
fully furnished

Property type
apartment, apt
bed&breakfast, BnB
farm house

{city} center
10 min walk to beach
5 min from airport
a/c, wi-fi included
breathtaking views
close to bars & restaurants
close to airport
family friendly
for work
free parking
hot tub
king bed
long stay
luggage storage
mountain view
near metro
ocean view
panoramic views
pet friendly
private entrance
private pool
river view
sea view
south facing
step-free entrance
wifi 100 mbps
with breakfast
with pool

Common abbreviations for titles

Airbnb guidelines and our research show that it is best to only use abbreviations that are meaningful and provide information to guests, rather than those used for clickbait.

Title abbreviations
Air conditioning > AC, A/C
Apartment > Apt
Bathroom > BA
Bedroom > BR
Barbeque > BBQ
Downtown > DT
With > w/

Sunlit condo A/C, Wi-Fi included
Gorgeous 4-BR apt in historical Copenhagen
Large 2br/2bath near city center
Luxury bungalow close to the beach, BBQ
Contemporary villa Golf la Alquería w/ garage
Bright and spacious apartment in DT Århus

Templates for writing Airbnb title

There are many titles formulas, but the generic one for Airbnb is:

{Adjective} + {Property type} + {Benefit}

We’ve covered that above. The more specific Airbnb naming templates.

{Room type} + in {Landmark} – Airbnb default

  • Private room in Adams Morgan
  • Shared room in Shaw
  • Entire apartment in U Street Corridor

These are more straightforward titles that get the point across quickly. The room type and landmark are the most important pieces of information, so they’re listed first.

{Number} + {Adjective} + {Landmark}

  • 3-bedroom near Warsaw downtown
  • 2-story near Latin Quarter
  • 1-bedroom near Union Station

These all follow the “adjective + keyword” structure. The number indicates how many bedrooms are available, and the “Landmark” usually stands for a well-known travel destination.

{Adjective} + {Room type} + in + {Landmark}

  • Stylish studio in Adams Morgan
  • Cosy 1-bedroom in Shaw
  • Charming 2-bedroom in Tuscany Viareggio

These are great examples of how to use adjectives and room types to give users an idea of what they can expect from your listing. The neighbourhood is also a great way to let users know where your listing is located.

Not-so-good Airbnb title examples

❌ Luxury 1-bedroom near Union Station
This is an example of a title that tries to be too creative and doesn’t give users enough information. “Luxury” is a loaded word that doesn’t really tell users anything about the listing, and “near Union Station” doesn’t give an exact location.

❌ 1-bedroom for rent in DC
This is another example of a title that doesn’t give enough information. “For rent” is unnecessary, and “in DC” is too broad of a location.

❌ 1# Favela Chic Tamarindo Boho Boutique Luxury Bungalow close to the beach
Cut the majority of this text so that only essential information remains. The type of property and its proximity to the beach should be stated at the beginning rather than at the end.

Airbnb title generator

Some busy people may find Airbnb title generators helpful. We’ve tested one of them, and it did not always give the best result. Besides, the process of adding the property information is still very manual.

property listing title generator

How do I change my listing title on Airbnb?

To edit your listing name:

  1. In your Host admin go to Listings.
  2. Click to edit by selecting the listing from the list.
  3. Scroll down to find Title & description, click Edit.
  4. Type your new name in Listing title.

Don’t mix up the Listing title with the Internal name. The latter is for your reference only and will not be visible to the public.

How about other OTAs’ titles?

Assume you’ve done a good job editing your Airbnb titles, but you might think about how to edit all my titles on the other online travel agencies that I use to get more bookings? What other rules apply there? has similar preferences for titles, although it doesn’t like abbreviations. VRBO titles range from 20 to 100 characters.

Absorbing the platforms’ requirements we have come up with a generic channel manager from where you can send your listing information to 30+ major OTA channels.

The title should be between 20 and 80 characters in length. But try to keep it short, between 35-50 characters for best results.

This way your title can stay informative, yet fit into the major platforms’ requirements.

  • Get started with Your.Rentals account (it’s free)
  • Create or import your listing from Airbnb or
  • Go to Description > Headline
  • Compose your magic yet simple title absorbing all the inputs from this article.

Your new titles will automatically update on all of the STR channels, which you enabled in your account.

Listing title in Your.Rentals interface

Your new titles will automatically update on all of the STR channels, which you enabled in your account.



As you can see, it’s important to think about the overall impression you want your listing title to give off.

Titles in the Airbnb search results are still auto-generated following the template [Property type] + [Location]. But the listing’s page contains the host’s original title which makes sense to improve.

Titles should be looked at in the context of many elements: thumb image, price, location, competitor listings and more.

Don’t set your expectations too high for the smart title – work on improving your guest’s experience instead.

Although often overused, adjectives, emojis and selling points can still be useful on Airbnb. Instead of focusing on advertisements, informative details should be given greater priority.
If you follow these tips and use simple plain language, you should start seeing more bookings coming in!